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5 Affordable Fashion Designers Selling Online In India

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5 Affordable Fashion Designers Selling Online In India

India has a reservoir of extensively creative and talented accessories and fashion designers, yet they are not as widely famous as their western counterparts. A wide number of fashion designers incorporate rich textiles, bright colors, and intricate knitting into their pieces and it's oblivious that their fashion lines are influenced by India's colorful markets and the bright outfits of its people. While you may not have heard of these Indian fashion designers, however, all of them deserve your attention at least once because of their beautiful designs.

Sabyasachi might be the first preference for many, but the price tag is elusive for most. However, some incredible Indian fashion and accessory designers do not surmisepossessing a distinct diffusion line and have set a significantly affordable price range for their designs themselves.

Check out this list mentioning the best five affordable Indian fashion designers who have influenced the fashion industry in India and are bringing Indian fabrics and handicrafts to the worldwide forefront.

The interesting fact about these fashion designers in India is that each of them possesses something unique to offer, each better than the other. Be it earthy, khadi, contemporary or traditional, their designs are overwhelmingly beautiful. Having said that, these fashion designers in India have such inviting journeys that we should all know and recognize their tales encrypted in their work which can be seen right through.

How Online Selling Has Become The Place For Fashion Post The Pandemic And Amidst COVID 19

The COVID-19 pandemic has stimulated the shift towards a digital era and accelerated modifications in online shopping experiences that are expected to have long-lasting effects.

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, a significant percentage of the population now shop online more often. Shopping behaviors amongst Indian buyers have evolved during these unprecedented COVID-19 times. During the initial stages, many Indian buyers were either in COVID-19 containment zones or there were very few options available for making their discretionary or fashion purchases. This led consumers to try their hands on online shopping and experimenting with new brands and designers, which in turn led to changes in consumer's shopping habits and their way to online purchase.

Here are five affordable Indian fashion designers selling online to keep on your radar.

fashion designer
Megha Garg Clothing-image-source Facebook @meghagargclothing

Megha Garg

Megha Garg is Kolkata based award-winning design firm specialized in procuring contemporary remedies to the design and fashion industry in India. The label focuses on providing quality products and enhancing customer experiences. The specialty is design collaborations using aesthetics of different colors. The designer offers a great collection under an affordable range starting from Rs. 15000/-.

fashion designers
Kanika Sharma Designs- Image source- @perniapopup

Kanika Sharma

Reminiscing the obsolete charm, the Kanika Sharma label owes its ethnicity to the two literary words i.e. Culture & Roots. Imitating the magic of ancient times.

The label offers elegant, classic, nostalgic, handcrafted attributes that derive the existence of the brand. The Kanika Sharma designs offer an exquisite experience of the era gone by innovative and modern intricacies silhouettes. Every outfit at Kanika Sharma defines a tale of its own as it is an amalgamation of the designer's box full of memories. The Kanika Sharma's affordable designs are also available on Pernia’s Pop up shop.

fashion designer in india
Varsha Wadhwa Collection- Image source- pinterest-@perniapopupshop

Varsha Wadhwa

Inspired by the sterile style and silhouette, the design philosophy of Varsha Wadhwa prevails in the classic embroidery work from India. The label is best in making custom-made and ready-to-wear women's clothing. The designs offered by Varsha Wadhwa include the romance of soft hues and the spark glimmers through the intricate details in its aesthetic silhouettes. Prices start at INR 7,500  onwards for Varsha Wadhwa’s elegant yet classy outfits.

fashion designers in india
Bhumika Sharma Designs image source

Bhumika Sharma

Bhumika Sharma is a Delhi-based Indian fashion designer. Her outfits and designs are mostly inspired by Indian culture and folklore. Furthermore, her floral, fun, and kitschy prints have given a new and elegant take on fashion. The silhouettes designed by Bhumika Sharma are casual, comfortable, yet elegant. One can strut around like a fashion icon in her designer outfits, without spending a bomb on them. At present Bhumika retails her designer collection through her exclusive design studio based in Delhi, and a multi-designer fashion store in Ahemdabad called "Moh". One can also check out her collection and buy it online on Pernia's Pop-up shop

fashion in india
Urvashi Kaur Collection-Images Source @nykaafashion

Urvashi Kaur

Urvashi Kaur is one of the leading next-generation fashion designers selling online in India. Her designs have a unique bohemian and relaxed feel to them. She strives to develop modern and elegant silhouettes for women. The designs offered by Urvashi Kaur come at a very reasonable price too. This means you can get all the quirkiness that is unquestionably dashing, without upsetting your wallet.

I Knock Fashion Desk

With a unique style and elegance, each of these Indian fashion designers is generating waves in the Indian wear panorama. Hope you checklist these Indian designers that you should look forward to slaying any upcoming occasion. These fashion designers in India top the list of affordable and budget-friendly designers with super variety and great quality. So all the divas out there, next time you plan to steal the show with your outfit, you know you don't have to scorch a hole in your pocket to be able to purchase designer outfits.

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