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5 Easy Haircuts You Can Give Yourself At Home!

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5 Easy Haircuts You Can Give Yourself At Home!

If you cannot make it to the salon at present and are in much need of a haircut, it is absolutely fine to give yourself a quick easy haircut at home.

The key is, to begin with, a few cautious trims. It won't be right to choose whether you want bangs or not while trimming your hair at home for the first time. Although you can trim your already existing bangs and nab the unwanted split ends at home. Keep on reading to know the easy haircuts for women and some hair care tips

5 Easy Haircuts To Give Yourself At Home

  • The Deep Parallel Point Cut

Flat and lifeless hair might not be your jam, and it's completely okay. You can provide your hair some texture with this ends-only easy haircut at home.

To begin, section off your hair over your ear into a half ponytail. Tie up the bottom hair below so that you're not touching it. Comb and pull one to two-inch parts of your hair direct it in front making a 90° angle with your face. Then flip on the ends over and start cutting nearly parallel with the ends, however in a zigzag manner.

Remember, do not cut the lower help portion of your hair that you tied below your ears. With this easy haircut for women, there will not be a need to style your hair as it will automatically add movement and flow to your hair.

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Heart Shaped Afro Cut-source@byrdie
  • The Heart-Shaped Afro

Rather than striving to get perfectly shaped hair, try a heart-shaped afro cut at home as it's the easiest and classiest of all hairstyles.

Begin with gently blow-drying your hair using a comb. Form your first guidelines by cutting with your clippers or scissors. Depending on your hair length, your guidelines might be at the nape of the neck or just above the shoulder. Once you got your back hair cut to the desired length, you are ready, to begin with, sides.

Then, you would be required to match the front to the sides. Comb forward your hair and snip off to your desired length. Finally, fire up those clippers to clean up your neckline and get an easy haircut for men and women.

  • The Lob

The Lob is a flattering haircut on a variety of faces and at a variety of lengths, it's still in trend because it is so versatile and easy haircut for men and women. Begin with sectioning your hair into two parts, tilting your head down, and tucking your chin. Pin up the top section and begin cutting the lower section straight across. Once you are done with the lower portion, repeat this with the upper half ponytail section.

Curtain Haircut
  • The Curtain

A Curtain haircut is determined by how you choose to cut and style it. First, decide on how much bang you will want to create. Begin with forming a triangular section of bangs with the points of the triangle facing up. Now twist the triangular portion of hair and cut the points directly below the twist.

Finally, using texturing/thinning shears or regular shears, start formulating the curtain frame for the haircut. You are desiring to make an angle that goes downwards and blends into the rest of your hair. Cut with your shears facing down, beginning with a small, modest angle and you're done with one of the dashing hairstyles.

  • The Pixie

The Pixie haircut is a gamine, dramatic, and iconic haircut. Begin with a pair of clippers which will help avert mistakes and bestow your perfect hair care. Start with a four or five, clipping the perimeter around the ears or the nape of the neck. Trek your clippers up to the rear of your head where the curve starts and cut up to your temple length. Then take off the guard and give a shape to your cut.

Styling the prime top of your tapered cut includes slicking it back or to your side, mohawk it, teasing or combining it forward, or giving it a shape with the clippers.  Here you are ready with your pixie cut at home.


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With the new normal, it is time to provide your hair a new makeover. Choose the haircut which best suits you and get set to give yourself a super trendy look. Keep checking our blogs to stay updated with the latest beauty tips for men and women.

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