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5 Easy Home Workout Techniques To Strengthen Your Core

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5 Easy Home Workout Techniques To Strengthen Your Core

Restyle your physical fitness routine with Core strengthening easy exercises that strengthen your core muscles along with your occasional situps and pushups.

Staying fit is the next go-to goal that encompasses our typical workout sessions. But the ongoing pandemic has clinched our workout routine to our home. We all are stuck with the home workout techniques that are every day boosted with newly discovered health and fitness tips that add enjoyment and curiosity to our fitness regime. With no fancy gym equipment, fancy studios around us, and easy home workouts for beginners, our workout has become progressive and intact, especially when we talk about core strengthening.

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Core strengthening helps in an active and fit life

Core strengthening is an essential part of physical fitness and helps in cranking up the physical power. It becomes vital to empower your core muscles as they are the epicenter of the body. It is a supporting key for the back, maintaining a correct posture, and put up your endurance level to its best. It gets your torso to its accurate position.

Core strength exercises emancipate the core muscles like abdominal muscles, muscles around the pelvis, and back muscles. The stronger the core muscles, the easier it to stay active and fit. It also stabilizes breathing and other weight lifting activities done with arms and legs.

The best part of core strengthening is that it is put into practice on floor mats without added weights or equipment. It's an individual body's resistance and strength to make it stronger with an easy home workout for women at home and home workout for men at home.

Benefits Of Core Strengthening 

There are endless variations of exercises that come with lots of benefits to the body. The latest health and fitness tips are brimming with those benefits that try to perfect the body shape and make you feel powerful and active. 

1. Refines Balance- Core strengthening plays a crucial role in sustaining the body's balance. The home workout sessions train the lower back muscles, muscles of hips, pelvis muscles, and abdominal muscles, leading to better stability of body functioning. It makes you flexible to any body movement in any direction without losing balance and prevents falling or injuries. Strong core muscles are essential for playing sports or doing any other physical activities. 

2. Better Posture- A good body posture makes you stand with confidence. It alleviates spine problems and affects your breathing abilities with better results. It also grants maximum results while doing exercises. As the weak or not-so-perfect posture can lead to slouching.

3. Toned-Up Abs- Easy workout for women at home and home workout for men at home for core strengthening can get you with well-defined and toned abs. It strengthens the inner muscles as they work on the abdominal muscle area. 

The core muscles are the central link that adjoins the upper body to the lower body. Carrying out any physical activity like playing, mopping, dancing, etc., requires a desirable motion in different directions that start with the core muscle area. Get set go with the easy home workouts for beginners that can later be polished off with advancement. 

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Plank Posture-source-@IndianExpress-Pinterest

1. Planks- A classical core strengthening exercise that is never easy to pull off. It works on all the core muscles by making them robust. It comes with variations like side plank or raised plank. Start with resting your forearms and extending your legs up on your toes. Keep your forearms parallel to each other with a straight back and hips down. Get on to the position for 30 seconds - 2 mins plank challenge. Also, keep your abdominal muscles contracted and stop the exercise if you feel unstable. 

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Flutter Kicks Source-@modernteen-Pinterest

2. Flutter Kicks- Core workout trains different muscles, and for well-defined abdominal muscles, get your hands on the Flutter Kicks. It is an effective way to achieve strong core muscles. Relax by lying down on the floor. Start by putting your hands under your glutes or lower back. The next step is to raise your legs, shoulders, and head off the floor and let your chest and porch rest on the floor. Contract your abdominal muscles and begin to flutter your legs alternatively, one up and the other down. Keep your position intact by doing for one minute or completing several reps. For beginners, if the neck and shoulder get intensified, lower them down and complete with the only leg movements.

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Russian Twists- Source @popsugar- Pinterest

3. Russian Twisters- Escalating the intensity, Russian Twisters work on the prime core muscle area and obliques. Get yourself in a seated position on the floor with legs raised from the floor. Lean on the back and ensure your torso should be at 45 degrees and keep it straight with contracted muscles. Start with twisting side by side your upper body and touching the floor by keeping your legs consistent to the position. One can advance it by adding a dumbbell, weighted ball, heavy book, or water bottle.


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Bird Dog souce @livestrong-Pinterest

4. Bird Dogs- Concentrating the balance and stability, Bird Dogs help to strengthen the core muscles. It tries to boost the lower back and try to make the whole core area stronger. Get in a tabletop position and extend the one arm out and extend an opposite leg out simultaneously. Now bring both the extended arm and leg under your stomach and try to squeeze as much as possible. Try with 20-25 reps for one side and then change the leg and arm for another side, or one can try by switching the sides alternatively.

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Superman- Source Pinterest

5. Superman- As the name suggests, it's time to embrace Superman's position for an abdominal workout. It also works on the lower back for better shape. Start it by lying down on your stomach by extending your arms in the front and legs on the floor. To execute the first repetition, raise your legs and arms together, focusing and concentrating on the lower back. Now, at the highest contraction level, squeeze your glutes and hold on to the position for few seconds only. Relax for one second and continue with other reps. 

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Do not let your mundane physical fitness routine empower your fitness goals. Embrace your workout routine with easy home workout for women at home and home workout for men at homeenhancing your core muscles, abdominal muscles with core exercises sessions. Also, do not overtrain your core muscles as over contraction of back and hip muscles can get along you with a set of injuries. 

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