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5 Ways to Curl Your Hair Without Using Heat Curls!

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5 Ways to Curl Your Hair Without Using Heat Curls!

Sailing through the rain with long and shining tresses is everyone's wish, but curly hair in the monsoon without heat curls is another big task. Get your hands on the easy methods to curl your hair for everyday and formal occasions.

Beautiful curls, long lustrous tresses, or other hairstyles, which one to carry perfectly in monsoon for your everyday morning routine or any other occasion? The Monsoon season maintains high levels of humidity that make your hair frizzy, heavy, and dry. It becomes strenuous to maintain hairstyle trends therefore, it is essential to follow a monsoon hair care routine.

The Indian beauty tips showcase how curls are a timeless trend that continues to be fun and a playful hairstyle. But every morning, taking up the straightener or curler for curls to match your monsoon outfits can damage your hair. Heat Curls in monsoon get you gorgeous looks for your everyday parties, but regular use of hair spray eliminates the natural moisture from hair. So it becomes essential to include regular oiling, washing, and hair spas in your monsoon hair care.

Heatless Curls are safe for your hair and ideal without any hustle. They do not burn the hair locks. Beauty tips for women affirm that you can get ringlets, tight curls, waves, or bouncy curls. Check out five easy methods for getting heatless waves at your home:

beauty hacks
Paper Towel Curls- Pinterest

Paper Towel Curls- Super easy that works well on both thin and thick hair. They emerge out as ringlets and twist them to open, half pinned or bun. 

  • Cut and divide the paper towel sheets into two pieces and dampen your hair. Also, separate it into 2-3" sections of hair.
  • Take the paper towel and roll up the hair, starting from the hairpiece to the scalp. Now tie the ends of the paper towel together and repeat this all around your hair.
  • An essential beauty tip for women for this method is to tie a scarf around your head to avoid frizziness. 
  • Keep the paper towel overnight and release the curls in the morning. The last is to run your fingers through the hair. 

Ringlets are ready, and one can style your hair into your own's wish.

Sock Curls- Pinterest

Sock Curls- Avoid heat curls in monsoon and try this easy and quick method for curls. They are paper towel curls but with socks. Take smaller sections of hair for a more polished look.

  • Start with dampening your hair lightly. 
  • Take a mid-length sock and wrap around a 2-3" section of hair around it. For spiral-like curls, wrap it in a downward direction. For bouncy and natural-looking hair, roll it upwards.
  • Tie the ends of the socks tightly and wrap a scarf around them to avoid frizziness. 
  • Sleep overnight and untie it in the morning. Use your fingers to separate the curls and style the way you want. 
Head band curls
Head band curls- source@

Headband Curls- For your monsoon outfits, style your hair with this easy curling method. Try this method that gives you a softer look as you get it from a straightener or curling rod. They are like loose curls and gives you a wavy look. It works better on thin and fine hair. 

  • Dampen your locks slightly. Take a headband that is half-folded and place it on your head. 
  • Take smaller sections of your hair. Twist and tuck them into the headband and end this with an updo look. 
  • Add dampness to the updo hair and wait for few hours. Let it completely dry and unwrap them to have natural-looking curls. 
Braided curls
Braided curls- Pinterest

Braided Curls- Another good-old technique for a beautiful look in Indian beauty tipsbraided curls are super easy and quick to make. 

  • Divide and part your hair into two sections (fine hair) or four sections(thick hair). 
  • Start by braiding each divided section till the end and secure it with a pin or hair tie. 
  • Keep the braids overnight and open them in the morning. You are ready with tight waves and style them into your own's wish. 
Bantu Knot Curls
Bantu Knot Curls- Pinterest

Bantu Knot Curls- Curly hair in monsoon is not arduous with this another method that can get you easy and beautiful curls. 

  • Start by sectioning your hair into smaller parts. Make sections according to the density. 
  • Take each section and tie it into a knot and secure it with pin or hair ties. 
  • Keep it overnight and untie them in the morning. It's ready with defined curls, and one can style them according to your wish. 
Curl Hairr
Curl Hair

I Knock Fashion Desk

I Knock Fashion Desk is happy to share the disadvantages of using heating rods. Try not to use especially in the monsoon times, and include these methods in monsoon hair care for healthy hair. Heat styling tools are effective for styling but also come with harmful effects.

  • It can burn the hair if tools are not set at the right temperature. 
  • Rods or irons can cause breakage of hair.
  • Tongs or machines clean out the natural oil and protein from the hair.

Style your looks with easy methods of curling and get yourself clicked with gorgeous curls!

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