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A Guide To Designing Your Own Destiny In The World Of Fashion

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A Guide To Designing Your Own Destiny In The World Of Fashion

While pursuing a degree in fashion and if you want a career in the fashion culture, it is highly recommended to work on additional resume builders like internships, volunteer work in international or India’s fashion weeks, summer courses, freelance gigs, etc. These are just as important as the degree itself. Fashion designers may choose to work for one fashion company and become an in-house designer or they may decide to do freelance work attracting their own clientele. In addition to fashion design, students may select a career in fashion merchandising, marketing production, fashion journalism, or act as an agent for buying houses and export houses.

Here is a starter’s guide for those hoping to make fashion their future career:

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Get proper information 

Many best fashion designers of India and the world,  today didn’t have a style always. But they loved garments and also to dress up out of the box, many utilized their quirky personalities and linked their attires with it. So before you go out looking for a career in the fashion industry, dream big & plan on moving to fashion cities like Mumbai, Rome, Paris. But if due to some reasons you can’t do that here’s the most important thing you should keep in mind, becoming the best fashion designer of India or international does not necessitate a fancy fashion degree, however, it’s the fastest way to get close to the industry along with the perks of attaining practical knowledge. There’s a dark reality of the fashion culture which can’t be ignored, no matter how talented you are, the fashion industry can be extremely restrictive and competitive, thus a degree in fashion can lead to new doors. Your knowledge in fashion will make you more outstanding than not so qualified fashion designers. If you look at the ratio closely there are limited fashion designers who do not hold a proper degree in designing and still are well celebrated in the fashion world. You must be thinking all this is so basic, what’s new in that, so here’s what you can do with a fashion degree. Today the education system has been extremely open, you can combine your bachelor of fashion design with a marketing, or business degree. If you’re planning to run your retail stores or label in the future, a fashion marketing degree can turn out to be a major productive step as apart from craft it will also add credibility to your resumes. Learning about an apt course or degree in fashion can help to push your career fast, choose wisely! 


As an intern in the fashion culture, it is the experience you get in the field and the people you meet that make the internship valuable. For instance, art students are able to use their creativity to turn a vision into a tangible product. Those who know fashion and have a flair for the same, land visible jobs through the connections they build and by growing their portfolios through these internships.

A few things to keep in mind before you look for fashion internships or work experience:

  • They are generally unpaid.
  • Always be on the lookout; prioritize and check the best fashion designers of India or international websites or company profiles to see if they’re offering internships.
  • Doing an internship will give you an advantage over your competitors when it comes to being employed. Finding a job in the fashion world will be much more difficult without the experience and contacts that an internship can provide.
  • Be sure to tailor your cover letter and resume accordingly, before you send it over to new companies.

Fashion is a notoriously competitive industry and every internship opportunity receives hundreds of resumes from qualified applicants. Make sure to follow these steps to make your search just a little bit easier: search in the right places (there are a couple of websites like FDCI which keep updating their job profile section), be in the loop and get your desired internship, look for opportunities with smaller fashion designers too, update your social media profiles, dress like the brand or designer profile you’re willing to work with, send a thank you email to the people who interviewed you.

Pro-tip: Go on to our ‘Careers’ section to find the right opportunity for you!

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Use your creativity while making portfolio 

To get the attention of pioneers of the fashion culture, a portfolio is heavily important, so create a stellar portfolio. The best way to create an eye-catchy portfolio is by focusing on all your projects and showcasing them in a manner as if you are presenting your designs to a potential employer. Give yourself a task or consider your fashion institutes projects as an ultimate opportunity to enhance and brush your creativity. 

A portfolio aptly showcases your strength, your sense of creativity and aesthetics, the sense of balance you maintain in your designs along with your perception towards the fashion world, and where would you like to see it going in the future. Apart from just designing a portfolio, you should also carry strong presentation skills and sales skills. All the famous and best fashion designers of India or the world have these qualities inbuild within them, as these qualities are extremely necessary to persuade the clients to purchase your designs. Your portfolio can help you get a good job in the fashion industry along with that you can also get different collaboration offers. All being said, the portfolio can play a major role in enhancing your fashion career.

Volunteer Work

Volunteering in any field whatsoever is a great way to build connections, get exposure, and develop a reputation in the industry. Volunteer opportunities can range from working backstage at a fashion show or numerous India’s fashion weeks, or even assisting a fashion designer – be it a start-up or an established one, coordinating with events, working on a team project, etc. Volunteering in fashion is quite exciting as there are lots to pick up, you learn how a fashion show is run from behind the scenes, the model casting runs, hair and makeup details, about fittings, as well as the production that is involved in terms of line-up, music, projection, and choreography.

This kind of experience helps you realize how much work goes into a fashion show, the difference in culture and organization of India’s fashion weeks, and the others across the globe and also gives you the opportunity to work your way up in the industry. This will also help you apply to other roles where you previously would not have had enough experience to do.

People are unlikely to say no to volunteering, so get your voice out and get in touch with fashion designers, brands, and labels for various volunteer openings. Tell them why you would like to volunteer and be thorough with their profile beforehand.

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The fashion world is full of opportunities and numerous styles of designs. Before you look forward to stepping into the fashion world, you must decide what your strength is to attain success. You need to sit down and think about what type of design you want to undertake a lifelong. Decide if you have got a passion for haute couture, fitness, or ready-to-wear, Organic? After deciding a type, consider its pros and cons before reaching your final decision on which way to pursue. You can also experience other areas, once you have a good foothold in the fashion market. Following is the list of areas you can explore- 

    • Casualwear for men/women

    • Eveningwear for men/women

    • Sports/fitness wear

    • Knitwear

    • Bridal wear

    • Accessories

    • Costume design for movies, theatre, retailers

Summer Courses


NIFT 6 Month’s Programmes
NIFT 6 Month’s Programmes

A degree in fashion involves technical know-how of the various elements in fashion on a vast scale, be it theoretical or practical. As you realize what your core focus will be in the near future, you can take up short summer courses to help you specialize in that area. For instance, if you’re being taught marketing and want to learn more about it, summer courses or certified short courses are a great way to develop knowledge in the field.

There are many courses available now – both free and paid – and you can find them easily through the internet.

Pro-tip: Internationally acclaimed universities like Parsons and FIT have online courses where you can learn the necessary skills while sitting in the comfort from your own home.  Universities like NIFT offer evening courses, weekend courses and summer courses where you can take them without disturbing your daily routine. These courses will help you gain the technical expertise in the field of your choosing.

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Decide if you want to work independently or take a company job 

Making your mind is important than anything else. While working on all additional resume builders, remember to decide whether you want to work as a self- employed fashion designer or for a business owner. Sit back and look out for all the pros and cons. Working for the fashion world can be really hectic and tiring so prepare your emotional health, develop the ability to cope with the pressure to make your name in the fashion industry.

Freelance Gigs

Apart from the above-mentioned ways to help your career in the fashion world, working freelance is something which has become the new 9-5. In a diverse era like this, you want to branch out and develop a variety of skills so you have more to offer to the fashion industry. For instance, if you’ve taken up a fashion design course and you know your ways around software like Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator – you can take up paid freelance gigs to earn yourself some pocket money on the side. These kinds of freelance projects, big or small will give you the experience you need once you set foot in the industry, teaching you the importance of deadlines and helping you to organize huge projects in the long run. Bagging such projects is the hard part, so keep asking your friends and family members, even your faculty if they need some assistance in the required area.

Pro- tip: Fashion Houses, Fashion Resources etc, are always on a look out for freelancers for various projects. I Knock Fashion’s Team encompasses of freelancers, providing them with an opportunity to explore their fashion abilities in a passionate way.

IKF Desk (Conclusion) 

Be it internships, summer courses, volunteer work at international or India’s fashion weeks, or freelance gigs, it’s all about gaining experience in the end, no matter what method you choose or what path you plan to take. Learn from your failures along the way and design your own destiny!

Would you like to know anything more in detail about how you can build up a future in the fashion world? 

Do let us know in the comment section, and until then stay tuned with I Knock Fashion, for further fashion and beauty updates

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