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A Guide To Moroccan Bath

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A Guide To Moroccan Bath

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Take a hand to the guide of the oldest bathing culture, associated with the importance of ablution. Also, discover why it is so popular and even subsumed in the weekly skincare routine.  

Visiting Morocco and experiencing a traditional Moroccan Bath and its benefits is one of the to-do things. It is one of the oldest bathing traditions in the world. Also, it is a unique experience associated with the wellness and purification of oneself. The traditional beauty idea of relaxing moments is a complete process of detoxification of the skin and hair.

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History Of Moroccan Baths

History Of Moroccan Baths

A Moroccan Bath or Hammam is an old-century ritual. It is rooted in the ancient traditions of the Roman and Arabic cultures. The word Hammam is an Arabic word which is known for spreading warmth. It was also a place for social gatherings, where people meet each other and often make arranged marriages and business.

This skincare routine is famous for food, Argan Oil massage, detoxification, and exfoliation of the skin. Practicing Hammam is essential in the Muslim culture as ablution is a vital part of the culture. The cleansing and purification of the body and soul are crucial as water is considered sacred in this culture. It helps in improving the skin and hair by removing the dead from it.

The oldest surviving bathing ritual gained popularity in the 1400s. It quickly became a tradition spreading over the world, especially in the Middle East with some modifications. Even every bride practiced Hammam before the wedding for the cleanliness and softness of the skin. They are rooted in the tradition of common baths that has now become a luxury experience. 

Traditionally Hammams are found near the mosques, interpreting the value of spirituality and peace. There are beautiful Hammam baths in which three-four rooms are there that are gender-separated.

Guide To The Moroccan Bath

Are you a Spa person? If not, still, experiencing Moroccan Bath is a life-time experience and is an essential part of your Moroccan holiday or stay. It is one traditional beauty ideapracticed even today in the daily lives of the Moroccan people. What do you expect on this bathing journey? Here is a complete guide to it, especially for the first-timers.

1. Clothes- Men and women both have to undergo the changing process. Men can opt for bottoms, and women can go for a bikini or bikini bottoms. Get yourself covered with a robe until you reach the steam room. 

2. Relaxation- Get yourself relaxed for five minutes in the hot and steam environment. The steam around helps in the opening of the pores. Also, while in relaxation mode, make sure to oil your hair for better results.

3. Soap Time- Now is the time to clean your hair with shampoo and a conditioner. Clean your skin with a bar of black Moroccan soap that helps in the cleaning. Rub it all over the body. 

4. Hot Water Rinses- After 5-10 minutes, rinse it off thoroughly with hot water. It helps in complete soap removal. 

5. Scrub- It is an essential part of the tradition. It helps in the removal of the dead skin. Sandpaper or Ghassoul clay can be beneficial in removing the dead layers. 

Products For Moroccan Baths

A Moroccan Bath is a traditional bathing treatment and includes the use of the best natural products. The Hammam sessions are traditional methods but also conducted in modern times. The products used are natural and best for healthy skin. 

  • Black Moroccan Soap- It helps in keeping the skin moist. It helps in gentle cleansing with argan oil and olive oil. 
  • Kessa Scrub Glove- It is helpful in the successful session of Hammam. Scrubbing helps in removing the impurities. 
  • Steam Rooms- The building contains 3-4 heat rooms with a higher temperature. 
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Benefits of Hammam 

A Moroccan Bath or Hammam is beneficial for skincare and haircare. It is a steam bath, with a temperature of around 45 degrees Celcius. The relatively high temperature and humidity around leads to sweating and helps in the suspension of the toxins. It helps in improving the skin texture and lets it glow. What all other benefits it holds:

  • Relaxation Mode- The ritual conducted in tranquillity, bursts out all the stress. A Moroccan Bath leads to relaxing moments and lowers your cortisol levels. Practicing it in a complete me-time leads to self-purification of the soul and thus switches us to the relaxation mode.
  • Exfoliation- This old-school ritual consists of an exfoliating technique. It helps in the removal of the dead skin and other impurities from the skin. Thus, leading to glowing and fresh skin. 
  • Lowers the Anti-Ageing Process- Hammams, a traditional beauty idea, holds an advantage for anti-aging. The complete exfoliation process helps in decreasing the probability of dead skin. Also, it enhances skin elasticity and provides a fresh look. Therefore, Moroccan Bath helps to nullify the effects of the wrinkles. 
  • Blood Circulation- The continuous act of scrubbing in Moroccan Bath helps in improving blood circulation. It is another advantage for keeping this ritual in a skincare routine. It helps in detoxifying the skin and decreases water retention, thus, improving blood flow.
  • Cleansing- This traditional bathing technique leads to the deep cleansing of the skin and hair. It ensures the complete removal of the dead cells from the skin and makes it look effulgent. Also, this ritual is vital for hair care as it includes the cleaning of the hair. 

This ritual holds many beneficial values and provides relaxation offers. It helps in the tightening of the muscles and relieves you from your daily life stress. 


Moroccans enjoy this traditional way of bathing. It is a part of the weekly skincare routine. It helps in the modification of the skin and makes it lighter and glowing. The steam works as a magical component and helps in the hydration of the skin. It is a self-cleansing treatment, which takes 20-25 minutes. It's time to book one for yourself that is rejuvenating and makes you stress-free.

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