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Ace Designer Ritu Kumar Produces & Distributes Face Masks

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Ace Designer Ritu Kumar Produces & Distributes Face Masks

The women's wear famous fashion designer, Ritu Kumar who has taken the initiative of manufacturing non-surgical face masks to help battle the spread of COVID-19 has so far manufactured and distributed masks to frontline workers and slums of Haryana. 

Specifications Of The Initiative 

fashion mask

The fashion designer currently gathered together a group of around 12 or more tailors to manufacture three-ply face masks. Although her fashion brand store remains closed under the ongoing nationwide lockdown and government guidelines, the famous fashion designer Ritu Kumar decided to donate face masks produced of her tailors.  The designer and her team initially committed to making 20,000 masks, but soon after delivering the first lot, they are now targeting 50,000 masks with a production aiming at 2,000 a day. 

Tailors Making Masks

The first batch of over 1,500 masks has already been distributed to a local NGO and The Red Cross on April 11. The masks are being currently manufactured in the fashion brand’s factory at Gurugram, Haryana with a manpower of 20 workers and successfully delivered via civil defence DC Gurgaon. A dedicated team has been working in the production and distribution process, while the fashion brand ensures that all necessary precautions are undertaken to help flatten the curve.

The Initiative of  Masks by Indian Fashion Designer Ritu Kumar

Distribution of Masks
Distribution of Masks

These sustainable face-masks are made of cotton for an easy to be washed and reusable nature.  The veteran fashion designer expressed how she along with her team have been distributing these masks among the slum residents in Haryana.  Ritu Kumar and the fashion brand looks forward to continuing to scale-up the production of masks, she stated that since the designer have more space available, they are aiming to request authorities to allow them to engage more tailors. The increase in the tailors will speed up the process, the fashion designer hopes that others too could be granted permission and everyone could contribute in this fight against COVID-19.

COVID-19 Status In India

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi a few days ago announced an extension of lockdown till May 3 2020. The coronavirus pandemic has caused 452 deaths and around 13,835 positive cases across the country. Looking at the severity of the situation Prime Minister emphasized on the importance of the next week in the fight against coronavirus. He further requested to all the citizens to stay indoors to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus diseases to newer areas.

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