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Adidas Launches Its New Sustainable Approach

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Adidas Launches Its New Sustainable Approach

Initiatives have been taken to reduce plastic waste all around the world. Adidas has unveiled its all-new Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers. Stan Smith was an iconic American former tennis player and Adidas introduced its new collection with PRIMEGREEN uppers which are a series of high-performing recycled materials put together.  This is part of a brand committed to ensuring no plastic waste and this is also setting the latest fashion trends.

The collections of Stan Smith Sneakers have been passing down through generations as an iconic modern design. Since the brand has been working with PRIMEGREEN, it has turned its attention towards its spectacular design outlining the Stan Smith from inside out. With the latest fashion trends coming through, Adidas Originals has been launching several collections every year keeping in the latest fashion news. While keeping in mind the former history and also looking further into the future, changes have been made in the PRIMEGREEN design. It features a recycled rubber tooling showing off the silhouette's classic green and white colorway along with included attributes that signify the importance of our environment and sustainability which is a prime issue of this hour. The brand is taking care of the values of the environment and the suffering of future generations.

The Adidas Stan Smith PRIMEGREEN character pack has been taken up from:

  • Kermit ((Muppets),
  • Rex (Toy Story),
  • Mike Wazowski (Monsters, Inc),
  • The Incredible Hulk (Marvel),
  • Tinkerbell (Peter Pan).
Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers
Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers

About The Collection

As mentioned previously, these specific versions of Stan Smith are manufactured along with PRIMEGREEN which consumes a collective of 40% recycled waste.

This specific collection perfectly epitomizes the new fashion trends of 2021. The package collection is a reimagined form for future thought. With an unstable economy observed all around the world because of the novel coronavirus outbreak, this intended proposition by Adidas is an outstanding step fairly.

The Originals Stan Smith was launched globally on the 8th of January, 2021, retailing at 90$. In India, the package is priced at 7,999 (INR) onwards. The price escalates according to the added modifications.

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Adidas Green Initiative

About Adidas And It's Green Initiatives

Adidas has been creating various green initiatives for a long time now. According to them, Adidas has committed to decrease its suppliers of greenhouse gases compared to 2017 by 30% up till 2030.

They have a serious approach to environmental safety.

Some of them are right below:

  • Innovating Materials and Processes – Promise to utilize and create products with maximum sustainability in all of its areas of work – its products, stores, and packaging. The new fashion trends of 2021 have come up with various brands that have been going along the green initiative.

The Adidas Stan Smith originals come packaged in a classic blue box which has already been modified to be composed of 90% recycled paper.

  • Managing water efficiency  and quality
  • Managing chemicals.

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Adidas has launched its all-new approach towards sustainability with the Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers. According to the latest fashion trends, the brand has come up with various environmental steps to reduce plastic usage while creating the best of their brand.

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