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Adidas X IVY Park Unveiled The Second Collection!

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Adidas X IVY Park Unveiled The Second Collection!

Today, fashion and style are not restricted to elegant and expensive dresses. It has become a path for expressing oneself, getting creative, and playing around with avant-garde dressing. Fashion is something that we deal with every day of our lives, and there is no denying that it is perpetually evolving. The latest fashion news had one of the biggest announcements of the industry. The wait is finally over as the second Adidas x IVY PARK collection is here. Continue reading to unearth the details. 

Adidas X IVY Park's Second Collection Launches In India

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The latest fashion news states that the most anticipated Adidas X IVY Park's second collection for the year launched in India this October. Upgrading the fashion and style of 2020, the collection, is inspired by the inner beauty, strength, resilience, and energy of artists who have found their "park." It celebrates the artists who have found their "park", which means the one who acknowledges the positivity and always finds joy in everything. Adidas x IVY PARK extends the limits of traditional performance wear to showcase a collection that is effortlessly functional, relentlessly stylish, and inclusive.

Adidas and Beyoncé took pride in revealing the second product offering in their partnership with the Adidas x IVY PARK collection. Perfectly called "Drip 2", it included garments that featured several pieces with inclusive sizing and gender-neutral performance gear, footwear, and accessories. The collection is available both online and in-stores.

Specifications Of The Collection!

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Adidas x IVY Park with the latest collection not only raised fashion and style, but it also pushed the boundaries of traditional performance wear to give apparels that are effortlessly functional, relentlessly stylish, and always inclusive.

It's in the latest fashion news that the collection showcased a vivid color palette of real coral, mesa, yellow tint, dark green, and green tint. Adidas x IVY PARK illustrated a work ethic as relentless and innovative as that of their creator. The latest Drip 2 collection showcased everything the wearer needs to own the gym, into a life transition. It also utilized UNITE FIT as the new standard of genderless sizing, allowing an impressive size range of XXXS-4X for the apparel collection in numerous styles.

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The apparel collection was complemented with accessories such as a selection of belts, socks and hats, functional belt bags, fanny packs, and a duffle bag. Adidas x IVY PARK amalgamated Beyoncé's interest in fashion and athleticism with Adidas’ performance and innovation to expand the boundaries of athletic wear.

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