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Akshat Bansal – Sustainable Yet Modern With A Purpose

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Akshat Bansal – Sustainable Yet Modern With A Purpose

Akshat Bansal – Sustainable yet modern with a purpose, The designer Akshat Bansal truly represents the today through his clothing and style. The pret a porter designer has already showcased at the LFW 2018 and will be showcasing this year too. His collections- Monochrome, The Mourning of Marine Life and Ambush reflect his thoughts.

” At Bloni, I don’t believe in a brand having just one aesthetic,” says Akshat Bansal, the winning designer at the Smart Water presents ‘ The Platform’, also showcasing at the Lakme Fashion Week W/F 2019. Having studied at CSM, London & NIFT, India, Akshat trained as an apprentice at Saville Row, London, and has honed his skills designing couture at Tarun Tahiliani. He is inspired by unconventional visions and aims to manifest his perspective with Bloni. 


Akshat Bansal Sustainable

Belonging to a family of fabricants and merchants, Akshat has always been inclined towards art and aesthetics, what keeps him apart from regular fashion is his ‘new gen’ thinking and curiosity to find the depth of everything. Launched at the Lakme Fashion Week 2017 with the collection ‘Monochrome’, Bloni believes in modern ethical luxury that transcends clothing beyond creativity and imbibes it with a purpose that is unique to its patrons. 

“Sustainability for me means, gender fluidity, creating garments that can be worn by all ages, and returning something to the ecosystem”.

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Having traveled towards the hills, he witnessed dried rivers and plastic clogged dams. The inquisitive him, made him do thorough research on what he can do to contribute towards reducing ocean plastic and waste. ‘ The mourning of the marine life’ his collection showcased at Lakme Fashion Week SS 2018 was carved out of the regenerated marine plastic waste that he sourced from different locations across the world. 

His latest collection ‘Ambush’, will give you jitters and mixed feelings. It is based on the thought that humans are now made differently and it also trails on social media and its anxiety. With fabrics made from regenerated and recycled waste, this collection constitutes of the feeling of anxiety and the eagerness to be within the social arena. In contrast to how the earlier generation used to live, today’s generation lives with filters on Instagram and wakes up to see their quotient of social acceptance. Akshat has in collaboration with a Japanese company made reflective fabrics especially for this collection that creates an illusion of filters changing colors.

feeling of anxiety and the eagerness

”I feel that technology needs to meet Indian craft” Bansal told I Knock Fashion that he prefers to blend technology with fashion that is out there. The technology available in other parts should be amalgamated with fabrics, aesthetics, and fashion. “If there are demand and need of Indian fabrics outside India then we must also bring their technology and advancements into our fashion industry.”  

When asked about what do you think about the future of India in Fashion? he replied ” Indian Fashion industry is already evolving, It is just 10-20 years old, from fashion being all about lehenga choli 3-4 years back, it is now stepping into everyday wear. It is thus evolving with the demand for change in time” 

His brand Bloni is a reflection of this evolving and changing industry. With his vision to make it global by traveling and showcasing at international fashion weeks like ‘The Hong Kong Fashion week’. He aims to spread his version of fashion staying true to its name Bloni  ‘Be like Loni’ (Loni – his nickname). 

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