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All Things The Bride To Be Should Know About Makeup

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All Things The Bride To Be Should Know About Makeup

Bridal makeup and more

We live in a country that is most famous for its big, fat Indian weddings. People have certain aspirations for their big day as the groom and bride are the highlights of the day. Especially the bride has to do a lot for her big day, starting from her attire, jewelry, and most importantly, her makeup. It is very important to keep certain things in mind before you choose the right makeup for yourself. As one right decision can make your bigger day even bigger.

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Glittery eyes and a shinny look for your wedding

Trending bridal looks

Natural look

Gone are the days of heavy, caked makeup. The natural look is what’s trending amongst today’s brides. This makeup gives a damp finish to your face and helps highlight your natural beauty. All you need is nude lip color and eye shadow for this look.

Bold modern look

If you like to look bold and going subtle is not your thing. Then, this makeup look is best suited for you. This look highlights your eyes and lips with bold colors and includes a perfect combination of contouring and highlighting. This makeup look is ideal for your cocktail party or reception.

Traditional look

India is a land of various traditions and there is no doubt that every tradition has beautiful bridal looks. No matter how modern the world is now, most women still want their traditional looks for their wedding. It is mostly a perfect combination of matching eyeshadow, lipstick, and a heavy bun.

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Remember to discuss your concerns with the make up artist

Shimmery look

When your jewelry and attire are all shimmery, but not your makeup! The shimmery look is very much in nowadays. This look makes your dream to shine on your big day come true. This look's highlight is the shimmery eyeshadow that increases the twinkle in your eyes.

Luminous matte finish makeup

A combination of matte and dewy creates an illusion to make your skin look like no makeup skin. It perfectly illumines your skin without forming a layer of makeup. All you have to do is ask your MUA to mix a glowy primer with a matte foundation and you are ready with your perfect day.

Colorful look

If you are bold enough to play with some colors on your big day, then this is your look. All this look requires, is a matching lipstick and eyeshadow to your outfit and you are ready to draw all the attention. This look might be a little risky and bold, but it can work magic.

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Experiment with colours along with highlighted eyes and cheeckbones

Makeup looks for your skin tone

It is very important for you girls out there to choose makeup according to your skin tone. This is the most important in all things the bride to be should know about makeup. Just because you like a look at some other complexion doesn’t mean that it will look the same on yours too. Here is a guide for you, to the best makeup look according to your skin tone.

Dusky skin

Face: A very common mistake most brides make is of choosing a lighter foundation shade. Never do that, always go for the shade that matches your skin the best. Otherwise, it will create a huge color difference between your face and body.

Cheeks: When it comes to your cheeks, try avoiding shades like brown, light pink, and peach as these colors look muddy on dusky skin. It is advised to opt for hues of deep rose, plums and golden brown as they bring out the positive in your skin tone.

Lips: It is advised to stay away from frosty lip shades and opt for the matte finish. Choose either a shade that’s just one tone darker to your natural lip color or chooses any shade of nude or peach.

Eyes: Smokey eyes look is strongly advised for dusky skin.

Wheatish skin

Face: If you have reddish under-eye circles, then it is a must to cover them with a green or orange concealer. This will help you neutralize the foundation, but make sure to wear a primer underneath for a smooth base.

Cheeks: Coral and rose blush shades will give you a natural blush look as these colors help give natural warmth to your skin color.

Lips: Go for pop, coral, and burgundy colors.

Eyes: Silver liner or shadow are a complete no-no. If you want to add shine to your look, a dab of gold can enhance your look.

Fair skin

Face: If your fair face suffers from redness, make sure to conceal it.

Cheeks: A soft pink, peach, and light coral are the perfect blush shades for your skin tone.

Lips:  This is the perfect skin tone to rock various shades like a deep red, powder pink, or a nude.

Eyes: Natural colors look beautiful on fair skin. Greys, pinks, Champagne hues look great on fair skin.

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A Traditional Bride with a modern touch

Share concerns with your MUA

It is very important for you to share your concerns with your MUA. If you have any skin problems or any allergies, it is advised to share it with your artist. Taking a risk on your big day can be the worst decision you can take. You must also not shy away from sharing your views on the suggestions by your artist, as it is your day and you have all the right to have it the way you want it.

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Your inner glow just makes everything look even more perfect

Famous wedding MUA's

Bobby Chopra

Based in South Delhi, Bobby Chopra is a famous name amongst the ones looking for a versatile makeup artist.  From wedding looks to the evening party looks, she is most in demand.

Jasmeet Kampany 

If you are a fan of bold lips, statement eyes and all that shine, then she is the perfect MUA to make your big day even bigger with a bold bridal makeup look. 

Aakriti Kochar 

Famous for her dewy look and intense eye makeup, Aakriti is very famous amongst the Delhites. You can easily secure an appointment with her and her team of makeup artists will be ready to serve you. 

Guneet Virdi 

She is a very famous name in the makeup industry. If you are a fan of all glitz and glam, then you’ve just found your ideal MUA for your big day. 

Meenakshi Dutt 

Bold lips, expressive eyes, highlighter on cheeks, and everything in between, Meenakshi is dedicated to bringing out the glitz in you on the day you take your vows. If this is the look you have always pictured for you W-day, then you can easily book an appointment with her through her various salons. 

IKF Desk

All things the bride to be should know about makeup, is a small brief of the essentials. As the wedding season is just around the corner, the purpose is for our readers to gain maximum insights on bridal makeup and evening looks as discussed in the previous blog.

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