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All You Need To Know To Become A MUA

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All You Need To Know To Become A MUA

If your makeup brushes are your wonder wand, cosmetic techniques are on your tips and all you want to do is work your magic on faces to enhance their beauty, then MUA is the profession for you. Being up to date with all the latest beauty trends, familiarizing with beauty stores, and working with uber-cool clients are some of the perks every MUA enjoys. If you aspire to get it all and turn your magical passion into your profession, then here we are, to help you with all you need to know to become a MUA. 

Get Education

It is always a great idea to join a school and get professional training to become a makeup artist. There are many schools that are offering many courses suiting your interest. It is up to you to do your homework and find the best-suited school and course for you. 

Get Trained

You can also choose to skip professional school and join any makeup brand or artist for training. However, it is mostly a barter system with such companies. They train you in exchange for a bond that requires you to work with them for a certain period of time with that company. Some of the biggest and most popular brands that offer training are VLCC, Lakme, Tony and Guy, and more. 

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Make sure you show your work to others through different platforms

More than any training, it is very important for a MUA to be creative. In all you need to know to become an MUA it is very important that a makeup artist should have the eye for tones, the ability to visualize different looks, play with colors, and bring to life his/her art through on another face. A MUA is not just about makeup and colors, a successful artist should also be well-versed with the ingredients, possible allergies, skincare, and reactions. A successful artist has the power to read every skin and understand what the skin really wants, to bring out the best in every client. 

Possible Career Options

Passion is what drives your cart in this profession. It is very important to have expertise in more than makeup. It takes hard work, research, and understanding to ace in this field. You need to have the skills and eye for wigs, hair, and other tools that need to be used to give the desired look. 

The world with glitz and glam is where MUAs are most wanted. Theatre, television and movie stars need the expertise of a makeup artist to get the desired look for a character they are playing. In fact, these stars need their personal MUAs for their daily looks as well. The quality of a MUA is determined by how well he understands the tone, needs, and allergies of the customer’s skin. 

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Participate in backstage activities even if it needs to be voluntary

If the glam world is not for you, then you can also aim to become the master of bridal makeup, events like fashion shows, and social events. This market is also very popular among artists. Working for professional departmental stores is also an option. As various good cosmetic brands hire makeup professionals to provide the best sales experience to their clients. We all know options like beauty parlor, magazines, ads, or training are always available. As when it comes to MUA, the options of choosing a field of specialization are limitless. 

Promotion Platforms For MUAs

1. Socialize

Socializing is the best way of advertising yourself in the market and amongst your fellow MUAs. It is also very important to maintain a link with others in the same industry as you. It should help you to gain inspiration from each other’s work and gain motivation to do better than yourself. 

If life throws a socializing opportunity at you, take it! It will help you meet potential clients and if they like you and your work, they might introduce you to more potential clients. So keep in touch and keep building on that circle. 

2. Social media

In today’s world, it is very important to be on social media and more importantly, be popular. Most people search for MUAs online and go with what they like, or check works on tagged artists in different pictures. This gives you a great chance to get noticed. All you have to do is make and maintain a beautiful page updated with pictures of your past and present work. Make it public and let the world see the magic you create with your brushes and hands. A little more effort in posting more differentiated and creative posts or adding a theme to your page can help attract more people. Use social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube to reach your audience.

evening makeup tips
Your signature style is what will stand you apart from others

MUAs One Looks Up To

1. Ambika Pillai

The well-known hair and makeup artist Ambika Pillai, after years of hard work and struggle, the artist now has a respectable name in the industry, many awards, a chain of salons by her name, and a brand of herbal products- ‘Kaytra’. With more than 70 k followers Ambika Pillai has been a part of many fashion weeks.

2.Ralph Daniels

From a comfortable 9 to 5 job to following his passion, Ralph inspired many. A self-taught makeup artist, the man has walked on a bed of coal to make his way in the industry of glam. Today, he is one of the best self-taught MUAs our fashion industry has. He made it into the industry due to his signature style of vintage Hollywood.

3. Guneet Virdi

She has been doing makeovers since 2014, a professional celebrity makeup artist from London College of Makeup, she also holds a certificate from Dermalogica in skincare. With more than 240 k + followers on social media platforms, Guneet Virdi is known for her signature style of highlighting the natural features. She also organizes masterclasses for people to learn the makeup skills.

evening makeup
Stay abreast with the latest trends and also collect information about various skin types and allergies.

4. Meenakshi Dutt

A well-established makeup artist also considered as the queen of makeup, Meenakshi Dutt is based in Delhi/NCR region. She started her career by doing makeup for Miss. Delhi and Miss. Navy Queen in the year 1988. By 1997, she had well established herself and today she runs a makeup academy and also gives franchises.

5. Bobby Chopra

With an experience of more than 7 years, Bobby Chopra entered the glam industry with the MTVs Hit show Roadies. Based in South Delhi she is known for her clean looks. A certified artist with a following of more than 40 k on social media, she paints flawlessly with long-lasting high end looks.

IKF Desk

The fashion industry is incomplete without makeup artists, with people following their passion and the industry providing a platform to them to showcase their talent, the Makeup Artist definitely has a bright and wide future.

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