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Are Eyelash Extensions Worth It?

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Are Eyelash Extensions Worth It?

Eyelashes believe it or not are an inevitable part of your body. These little remarkable wonders not only enhance your beauty but also act as a protector from dust particles entering and harming your eyes. The women of today do not have much time to apply mascara and curl their eyelashes hence they are heading towards eyelash extensions, lash perming, and trying out on different eyelash trends.

If you have also thought about the same, then in this blog you will get all the information. Read below to get all the important and useful insights on are eyelash extensions worth it?


Eyelash extensions is a process in which semi-permanent lashes are applied strand by strand by an expert on the top of your natural lashes. Eyelashes are applied with the help of non-irritating glue that does not irritate or damage your eye or the natural lashes. So before you book an appointment, patiently go through the pros and cons and more interesting facts regarding eyelash extension. Natural is always better than artificial

James Charles
James Charles


Thankfully! The pros of eyelash extensions are much more than the cons. The cons can be eliminated if the application is rightly done and proper care is taken. Here are the benefits of eyelash extensions:-

  • Lash extensions will add volume to your natural lashes
  • It will help your eyes look bigger and fuller
  • It will help lift your lashes
  • It will increase the length of your lashes so that people will be attracted towards your eyes
  • It is water-resistant
  • It is lightweight and natural
  • It will not damage your natural eyelashes
  • Eyelash extensions can last up to 6-9 weeks

The disadvantages of Eye Lash Extensions are-

If good care is not taken then, there are chances of breaking the false eyelashes

The eyelash extension might look pretty, but the chemicals and ingredients may cause irritation to your skin. Side effects can be Bloodshot eyes, itching, pain, rash, swelling, or burning.

Eyelash extension is not for everyone. If your skin is sensitive to chemicals then do not indulge in this practice. Natural is any time better than the false one. Therefore, if your skin is sensitive to the lash extension then stick to applying mascara to make your lashes fuller.

Eye Lashes
Eye Lashes


Precautions while getting the eyelash extensions are as follows-

  • Before going for the application make sure the expert hands are cleaned thoroughly to minimize the chances of any infection.
  • Make sure he wears a mask, uses sanitary pillow covers and he sterilizes the tweezers also always goes to reputable well-reviewed salons.
  • Try that the color of the glue is black and not white transparent
  • After the application of eyelash extensions never rub your eyes as it may break your natural lashes Avoid putting mascara
  • Always apply lashes related to your natural eyelash color and texture

Price Range- The price range can be a con as it ranges from $150 to $200


Eyelash extension is a tricky process. Below are some suggestions to apply false eyelashes at home-

  • Evaluate your natural lashes, accordingly choose the type and design of the lash
  • Try applying for the extensions first from an expert to get an idea
  • Take the help from a friend or a relative because you may need extra hands
  • Clean your lashes before the application
  • Use the adhesive pad to cover the bottom eye area
  • Apply for long extensions at the end of your eyelid and medium in between
  • Apply shortest extensions to the inner eyelid
  • Let the extensions dry and set completely
  • Comb your lashes with a curler daily to maintain it
  • Do not use much of mascara. Remember to remove your makeup carefully every night


Even when you have eyelash extensions on, you might have an urge to apply more makeup. Here are some points you must avoid while using false eyelashes-

  • Do not use oil: Avoid using oil-based makeup because it may breakdown the glue in the extensions. Also, avoid using a makeup remover that contains oil in it as it can remove the glue bond on your lashes.
  • Avoid mascara: Avoid using mascara as the false eyelashes will anyways give a 'fuller look' to your eyes. If you are still keen on applying mascara make sure you do so on the lower part of the lashes only.
  • Use the eye shadow carefully: Eye shadow can get stuck in between your extensions and can cause irritation to the eyelid margin. Remove the excess powder using a tight bristled eye shadow brush.
  • Use a powder liner: Powder liner is always better than liquid or cream liners. Avoid using oil-based eyeliners.
Eyelashes Jewellery
Eyelashes Jewellery


Eyelash extensions are major of two types - animal fur based and man-made based. Here is the list of eyelash extensions you can try this new year.

  • Mink Eye Lash Extension: Mink lashes are produced from an animal called Siberian Minks which are the most premium ones. It is also the most desirable extension too. If you are looking for something natural then this is for you. Apart from this, it is pretty expensive.
  • Sable Eye Lash Extension: Sable is finer than the Mink one. These are advisable to those who have fine natural lashes. If you have allergies to the animal fur then don’t use it.
  • Fox Lash Extension: Fox lashes are reddish in color. They are in trend right now. They should be permed regularly.
  • Silk Lash Extension: These are not made up of genuine silk but these are mid-weight and are not much comfortable in regular use. It is good for special occasions only.
  • Synthetic Lash Extension: Synthetic lash extension are the least favorite amongst the eyelashes because they are heavier and least natural-looking comparatively.


Eyelash stapler is used to drop the false lashes to the eyelid. It comes with 42 lash buds. The eyelash stapler will instantly help you style your lashes. Using tweezers not only consumes a lot of time but is also an annoying process. If you want to save time and apply the eyelash extension hassle-free then you must try a stapler.

Lash Perming
Lash Perming


Always remember to visit an experienced technician for eyelash perming. Lash perming is a process in which your eyelashes are curled using chemicals. A layer of adhesive is wrapped around a small foam roller or heated chips.

After which a mild gel-type perm solution is applied to your lashes which helps them set in five to ten minutes. After perming, the technician applies a neutralizing solution. The whole process can take up to 45 minutes.

The cost of perming is lesser than the eyelash extension. Perming will keep your lashes curled for almost 3 to 4 months. It gained more popularity when the makeup artists like Achemyan and Karrueche Tran uploaded the picture of Kardashian and Kylie Jenner on their Instagram post.

Kylie Jenner the American media personality a multi-millionaire, posted a post giving thanks on her Instagram to Star Lash Extension for her new eyelash extension, it became a rage since then. There are several types of Eyelash extensions that you can try to get a look closer to Kylie Jenner's.


Eyelash industry is a profitable industry to invest in from a business point of view. It accounts for USD 62 billion and is expected to grow in the next five years. There are many reasons to venture in this business as it Is quite promising in the coming years. Less competition, an increase in the income of the masses, celebrities influence, etc are some of the reasons.

Neon Eye Lashes
Neon Eye Lashes


Rainbow Eyelashes: Rainbow eyelashes have gained momentum through Instagram. The colorful strands are carefully applied to your eyelid with the help of non-irritant glue. You can also apply color mascara or apply rainbow falsies to achieve this look.

Curly Eyelashes: These eyelashes became viral after a makeup artist Sophie Peterson posted an image on Instagram. Some people ridiculed it and called it pubic hair and some just laughed at it.

Eye Lash Jewelry: Crafted by hand, these give a jewel-like feel. They are customized to fit an individual's eye line. Made by hand they are decorated with beads and feathers that are light weighted and flexible.  The reusable and long-lasting eyelash jewelry is made with strict adherence to industry set standards.

Neon Eye Lashes: Neon eyelashes are the current trend. It is all about taking a break from the regular bold black mascara to make your lashes bolder and brighter. This catchy trend was seen on the ramp of the Manish Arora show too.

White Eye Lashes:  It is one of the latest eyelash trends which look absolutely gorgeous after the complete coverage. Kylie Jenner was spotted wearing the white mascara at the Halloween Costume 2016.


Eyelash extensions and Lash Perming are the current trends in the market. Although it looks beautiful and gorgeous there are certain side effects attached to the eyelash extensions. Remember not to take them for granted because it can cause major harm to your natural lashes' growth and your skin. If you really want to go with it, there are several options available for you. To know the latest eyelash trends you must try this 2020, subscribe to our newsletter now!

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