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Are Groovy Socks A Part Of Trendy Winter Outfits?

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Are Groovy Socks A Part Of Trendy Winter Outfits?

Bright colors or different patterns, which style of socks would you choose to style your winter outfits and make them look modish and chic. 

Socks have become a staple in people’s wardrobe for ages. It becomes difficult to style your trendy winter outfits without a good-looking pair of socks that would add some attractiveness to the whole look and made it look like a fashion trend

But looking back to its history, it takes us back to the time of the Stone Age when ancestors first invented and wore a different version of socks that looked nothing like today. It was in the year 5000 BC when people of the stone age used animal skins to wrap around the feet that would provide protection and warmth from the outside environment, says the old cave paintings and archeological findings. People from ancient Greece used to wear Piloi made with matted animal hair and wrapped around the ankles. 

Thousand years later, Roman people also used strips of leather or woven fabric to wrap around their feet. It was later in the 2nd century AD when they sewed up small fabrics together to make the fitted socks, known as Udones that resembles today's socks. Also, the first pair of woolen socks were made by Vindolanda in Northumbria in the same century. 

Egyptian socks
Knitted socks made in ancient Egypt

Also, the first pair of Knitted socks were made in ancient Egypt, using the technique called  Naalbinding in 300-500 AD. They were designed in such a way that it had split toes that could be worn easily with the sandals. Earlier, socks were without elastic, so garters were added at the top so that it does not fall. 

Later in the middle ages, hand-knitted socks were only worn by the aristocrats or noble class.  It became a status symbol among the nobility. In the 15th century, the French and Italian echelons used to wear fine, and hand-knitted silk stockings. The silk and hand-knitted socks were more expensive than the woolen ones, which made silk ones popular among the upper-class people and woolen socks among the lower class. 

Socks keep our feet warm and protected from the elements like snow and rain, but it was a  fashion statement and fitted only into the nobleman's wardrobe rather than being an essential garment. 

As earlier, it was known as stockings until the 17th century. The word socks have been derived from the old English word 'socc', which meant 'light slipper'. Men founded stretchy silk fabric very comfortable as it made the movement of leg easier. It was also attractive as it gave men a chance to show off their toned legs. 

Ahead in the timeline, when the first knitting machine was invented, by William Lee in 1589.  It helped in maximizing the production of the socks. Earlier, socks were only made with animal material, but with knitting machines, silk, cotton, and wool socks could be made. From being only practical, it was now a fashionable piece of cloth. The latest fashion of socks came with lots of modifications in color, pattern, and length of the socks. The newly designed socks subsumed new color contrasts and stripes along with embroidery.

By the 17th century, cotton socks were the popular choice among different fabrics like wool and hand-knitted. The length of the socks got shorter with long trousers. It was available in different styles, colors, and patterns that matched every shoe type. It had become an accessory that matches every outfit. In the year 1938, nylon was introduced and used in making the socks along with other synthetic fabrics. 

History tells us how the socks were invented and modified, but why do we wear socks then and now! In contemporary times, the wearability of the socks has got many reasons like

• Practical use- It keeps our feet warm in winters and cool in summers. Also, it keeps our feet clean and dry by minimizing the moisture. 

• Health- Medically tested socks like compression socks, worn by people suffering from low blood pressure, diabetes, or who are athletes and travelers. 

In modern times, socks being essential items are very much part of trendy winter outfits.  Let’s gather some knowledge about different types of socks and how to style like the latest fashion

1. Toe-cover-

latest fashion
Toe cover socks

As the name suggests, it only covers the fingers and goes till the middle of the feet. 

2. No-show socks or Invisible socks-

Invisible socks
No-show socks or Invisible socks

Choose this type of socks when you do not want to show your socks as it goes below the ankle. Men and women both can style their formal looks with invisible socks. A white shirt and a pair of black trousers, for men, can be matched with cute printed white-black invisible socks along with loafers. Trendy winter outfits surely comprise this type of socks that are useful and yet stylish.  

3. Ankle socks-

Ankle socks
Ankle socks

The length hit an inch above the ankle, also known as mini-crew socks.  Mostly it is worn by sports personalities. 

4. Crew length socks-

latest fashion for men
Crew length socks

Classic type of socks that are available in everyone’s wardrobe. It is extended only below the middle of the calf and became a fashion trend a few years back.  For a formal look, men can pair multi-colored crew length socks with a blazer and pants.

5. Mid-calf length socks-

latest boys fashion
Mid-calf length socks

The length goes till the middle of the calf that keeps feet warmer.

6. Knee-high socks-

fashion trends of 2020
Knee-high socks

Cute pair of socks which are popular among women. It goes till the knees and is best to style with shorts and skirts. 

7. Over-the-knees socks-

Over the knee socks
Over-the-knees socks

The length of the socks goes above the knees. This style is best to put up with boots and mini skirts, and short dresses. 

8. Thigh-high socks-

Thigh high socks
Photo Courtesy: Everyday chic boutique
Thigh high Socks

One of the most fashionable socks and the best to style with trendy winter outfits. The length of the socks goes up to the mid-thigh and is attached to an elastic or belt at the top that protects from falling. It can be styled with a short length coat or pleated skirt and an oversized sweater. 


Socks blog

Socks are the oldest part of clothing, and today it has become an overlooked part of clothing as well. Also, it has become an essential part of trendy winter outfits. It has a wide range of different colors, patterns, prints, and styles. With its variety all over, the global market of socks has also grown. The revenues of the socks market are desired to reach the US $100m in  2020. Also, it is expected to grow every year by 15.8%. It has seen a hike in the graphs of the socks market because of many reasons. Social media influences people with different styling ideas of socks. Also, the availability in the online market with an option of cash on delivery makes it easier for everyone to buy different varieties. Increased health issues have also contributed to the growth of the market for different types of socks worn for different purposes. The new fitness regime also included stylish sportswear, of which socks are very much part of it. The new fitness idea of hitting the gym, pilates, and yoga has also increased the demand for socks. So the new essential of the winter wardrobe, a groovy pair of socks are very much part of styling and contributes a lot to the country’s market growth.

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