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Are Lipsticks Toxic In Nature?

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Are Lipsticks Toxic In Nature?

Traditional Lipsticks contain lead that is harmful for the human system as ingestion of lead can lead to many diseases. As the consumers are becoming more aware many brands have stepped up by introducing organic or lead free lipsticks

We all are aware of the magic of lipsticks, how a swift swipe of color can glam-up your look. How a bright lip shade can rocket-up your self-esteem and leave you feeling inexplicably good about yourself. While a sheen coat of color makes you all hunky-dory, it is also adversely affecting you, popping up the question again and again - are lipsticks toxic in nature?. The lipsticks that we use every day contain harmful metals that seep through the pores of our lips and can also be accidentally ingested. Everyday use of lipstick results in long-term exposure to such toxins that can build-up beyond the safe limit and can even lead to serious medical conditions. 

Toxins that stick to your lips

Most lipsticks that you glide on your lips several times a day contain harmful toxins like lead and cadmium. These toxins can adversely affect the brain, nerves, kidney, and heart. However, most brands claim that their lipsticks contain less lead than what is considered harmful by the FDA. But the risk is still higher as most times one can end up swallowing the lipstick, which results in the oral intake of lead. The application is equally harmful as the skin around the lips is very thin and packed with blood vessels that absorb anything very easily.

Colours are tempting but the contents aren't
Colours are tempting but the contents aren't

The cosmetics brands refrain from mentioning the lead content on the pack of their lipsticks as it is not added intentionally to the product, lead is contamination that is present in the coloring pigments, however, manufacture beholds the ability to reduce the level of lead contamination. 

How much lead is too much lead?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there is no safe level of lead exposure. This further makes it more harmful as even a small trace of lead in your lipstick can cause harm to your health. It is even more dangerous for pregnant women and children as it can adversely impact their motor development, making the answer simply to the question 'Are lipsticks toxic in nature?'.  

Changing trends

Creamy and luscious lips can be highlighted through organic lipsticks too
Creamy and luscious lips can be highlighted through organic lipsticks too

As the consumer is becoming more evolved and aware, many cosmetic brands have stepped-up their game by introducing organic lipsticks with less lead content. The shelves of stores are filled with varied, high-quality options that offer hydrating and nourishing options that are otherwise absent from the conventional lipsticks. 

Natural and organic lipsticks

Lipstick is one of the most important cosmetics for women. A single stroke can light-up their faces. They do not need to be restricted by the number of times they can glide that magic stick on their lips. This is why natural and organic lipsticks are made lead-free and paraben-free. These lipsticks are safe for you to apply them as many times as you like without the worry of exposing yourself to harmful toxins. 

Organic lipsticks are the answer to - Are lipsticks toxic in nature?
Organic lipsticks are the answer to - Are lipsticks toxic in nature?

Natural and organic lipsticks have an amazing stay. These lipsticks get their beautiful color from plant-based sources. Whereas, traditional lipsticks get their bright colors from crushed remains of female cochineal beetles. 

Some colors can’t be obtained from flowers, in such case these lipsticks get their beautiful pigment from fruits that nourish and enriches your lips with vitamins too. 

Natural and organic lipsticks are very compassionate towards nature and animals. The manufacturers of these products refrain from testing on animals, hence, these products are also cruelty-free. 

Brands that care for your lips

The following brands care for your lips and have come up with organic and natural lip shades that are lead-free. 

Lipsticks, a must in the bag should be carefully bought
Lipsticks, a must in the bag should be carefully bought

1. Organistick Lipsticks

These animal fat-free, vegetarian lipsticks are devoid of any toxic chemicals. They have a long stay power and a tad bit of shimmer in some colors. These lipsticks give you a glam look in just two swipes. 

2. Soultree Ayurvedic Lipsticks 

Made of pure natural pigments that highlights your beautiful lips. Soultree holds high credential value as it is certified by BDIH, Germany. These organic creamy color sticks are enriched with organic sweet almond oil, wild honey, and organic ghee, which constitutes to be a perfect lip moisturizer.  

3. Bare minerals

The organic-rich brand’s lipsticks are made of all things good. Its healthy minerals and antioxidants nourish your lips while highlighting them with beautiful, vibrant colors. 

4. Ilia

Known for its wide array of colors, Ilia lipsticks are also enriched with healing ingredients. Its moisturizing combination of sesame oil and organic cocoa butter nourishes your lips with every swipe. 

5. Iba Halal Pure Lips Moisture Rich Lipstick

These cruelty-free, purely vegan and halal lipsticks do not contain alcohol or any animal ingredient. Their natural, sulfate and paraben-free formula moisturize and glams your lips in just two strokes. 

IKF Desk

I Knock Fashion truly believes in letting its readers know that 'healthy is beautiful', thus, these cruelty-free, paraben, sulfate, and lead-free lipsticks that don't only prevent harm but also enrich and nourishes your lips is the perfect choice to merge health with beauty.

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