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Are You Looking For Evening Makeup Wear Tips?

Are You Looking For Evening Makeup Wear Tips?

Evening Makeup Wear Tips

Today’s woman is outgoing, and career oriented. We go to office every day and need to break-free from the mundane routine in the evening. We desire to standout every time and at every occasion. But also understand that neither our go-to day look nor the same old taupe eyeshadow and pink blush can cut through. Thus there is a need of something more – darker shades and new tricks that can take full advantage of the subtle evening lighting and bring out the best in you. So, hold your makeup brushes girls and get ready to own every evening party that you will ever step in. This will further elaborate upon – Are you looking for evening makeup wear tips?

Evening Makeup Wear Tips
Highlight your eyes well

Makeup looks

Glossy eyes

For the nights when you will not have any makeup on you and the party will be too good to miss. You will not have to share your friend’s makeup and create a make-do look. Those nights this glossy eye look will save you with the help of that small petroleum jelly or lip balm that’s snuck in your bag. All you have to do is smooth your balm on your bare eyelids or over shadow and you are ready to rock the night with pretty, reflective lids.

Red lips

Red is every night’s best colour. Let your lips stand out and take all the attention with just a smooth layer of matte or glossy red lipstick. A matte lipstick gives you a subtle look, whereas a smooth layer of gloss over your regular red lipstick will give you a multidimensional look. So, go forth and let those red lips work their magic.

Evening Makeup Wear Tips
Cheek bones highlights

Cheeks that speak

Create an edgy look for your evenings by highlighting your cheekbones and making them Insta worthy. Make your look more current by shifting from powder blush to cream based blush. Just hold your angular brush, suck-in those cheeks to highlight your cheekbone and start smudging that blush by moving your brush in an upward direction toward your ears. You can also try the easy trick of putting a scotch tape to get a more defined and sharp edge. Blend it and you are ready. You can also try a deeper shade or a bright fuchsia for a more popped-up look.

Cat-eyes don’t lie

Most of you must be a pro at creating those cat-eyes that speak louder than any word in the dictionary ever. All you need is your liner and a scotch tape (if you aren’t an expert) and you are done. Simply draw a line along your lashes and wing it out towards the edge of your eyes. You can also stick a scotch tape in an upward, slant position from your eye towards your eyebrow and draw a cleaner wing.

Evening Makeup Wear Tips
Make up is not possible without its tools

Long lashes

It’s time you get those long, fuller fake lashes. As this one element can separate you from the crowd and make your look stand out. All you have to do is trim the lashes to fit your eyes, stick it on your lashes, give it a little mascara massage and you are ready to talk with those expressive eyes.


Glitter can do all the trick and draw all the attention to where it should be, on you. The trick is to use it in moderation. A little dab is all you need and then smudge-smudge! Those eyes are ready to shine. You can also define your look with a thin line of your favourite liner.

Evening Makeup Wear Tips
Makeup Artists are the to give you the desired look

All the essentials

Now that you know all the looks you can create to glam-up the night. You must also have the essentials to create those magical looks.


What is a makeup without its tools? The answer is nothing. So, make sure you have all the brushes and eyelash curler to create a look that owns the night.


Most people skip the very first step of preparing base. Primer is very important to create a soft bed for your makeup to lay on and helps hold a stronger base. A soft, creamy or sheer primer is all you need that can effortlessly blend in the texture of your skin.

Concealer palette

This can serve multiple purposes as a palette has many shades. You can use your suitable shade to conceal blemishes, discoloration or any other problem. And, you can use the other shades to contour and create a sharp look.


Powder or cream, make sure you have your favourite blush to highlight your cheecks.

Shadow and glitter

An eye shadow palette with all hues is a savior. It gives you the liberty to play with different shades and also add a hint of glitter.


Add a little kiss from the sun on your face with highlighter. Its illuminating glow is sure to give others complexion.


A red lipstick is a must. This one shade can single handedly highlight your look. But, don’t forget lip balm is important too, to create that soft and creamy base.

Makeup setting spray

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It is a must. After you are done with makeup, just spray it from a distance and you are done to rock the night with a care in this world. This spray helps you let yourself free as it prevents your makeup from smudging or melting away.

Evening Makeup Wear Tips
The Makeup Artist will give you a look according to your skin tone

MUAs for evening look

These MUAs will help you take-up your evening look a notch higher.

Daniel Bauer

Recently the famous MUA has be recognized by many fashion magazines including Vogue. He is also the great artist behind many Bollywood celebs and the key to secure a booking from the master himself is to book at least 6 months in advance.

Ashmeen Munjal

If you like a very glittery and jazzed-up look, then she is the one for you. The artist has many salons across the country and you can easily secure an appointment.

Ambika Pillai

Yet another common name in the Bollywood circuit, this famous MUA has secured many awards for her uncanny skills.

Meenakshi Dutt

The famous MUA likes a lot of shimmer, glitter and jazz in the looks she creates. If that’s what you like then you can book an appointment with the master herself from one of her many salons across the nation.

 Guneet Virdi

A certified makeup artist she has gained much popularity. Based in Lodhi Road, New Delhi, Guneet Virdi is known for giving flawless looks as per the skin tone. She is famous for her party make up, regular make up and bridal make up looks.

IKF Desk

Evening wear and look is one of the most frequently asked about beauty questions. IKF has tried to answer a few of the many queries people float about evening looks in beauty through this blog – Are you looking for evening make up wear tips?

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