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Are You Looking For Hair Care Tips?

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Are You Looking For Hair Care Tips?

Battling with frizzy and brittle hair locks, go natural this time for your hair care Tips and experience more nourished and lustrous hair.

Haircare tips

Soft curls, beach waves or straighten hair, getting the perfect hairstyle is a dream for everyone which requires one to invest a lot of time, money and at the same time incur a loss of hair because of excessive use of iron rods and hair sprays. This results in the lack of nourishment in hair which leads to unhealthy and bad quality hair ultimately many looking for hair care tips.

Haircare becomes an important part of body care. It requires a lot of attention and accuracy so as to lead to good results for hair care. Hair nourishment defines as the simple process of enriching your hair with a balanced diet that includes vitamins, minerals, calcium, proteins and omega 3 fatty acids, using accurate and timely shampoo and conditioner and proper oiling at regular intervals along with natural hair spa.

Regular Oiling can help in blood circulation and can also relax your mood
Regular Oiling can help in blood circulation and can also relax your mood

Hair nourishment is pivotal as the scalp skin is one of the most delicate skin because of the presence of a high number of sebaceous glands, sweat glands, and hair follicles which demand good and enriching care. Haircare is necessary as it reduces the breakage of hair which leads to loss of hair. Nourishing the hair with a nutritious diet, moisturizing shampoos, and conditioner prevents dryness in hair and increases the tensile strength.

One of the natural ways of nourishment and hair care is ‘oiling’ which adds required supplements to speed up hair growth. It also helps to stimulate the circulation of blood and relaxes the mind for some time. Scalp or the hair demands adequate care which eases the passage for nutrients to enter. Consuming good hours of sleep and sufficient water intake helps to sustain good hair.

There are plenty of methods and chemical procedures for the nourishment of hair. Chemical choices would have instant results but turn out as harmful after some time. Going natural with hair care leads to slow but long-lasting results with adequate nutrients. Good cleansing, moisturizing, and hydrating with compatible homemade hair masks lead to quality hair that one can flaunt.

Your hair and break and damage due to regular blow drying and ironing
Your hair and break and damage due to regular blow drying and ironing

5 Natural hair care tips that would re-energize your scalp and improve the quality of your hair:

1. Proper Oiling: Adequate and correct usage of oil leads to bright hair as oil is a great stress buster and acts as a lubricant that would supply important nutrients. Almond oil rich in magnesium helps to control hair fall, Amla oil strengthens the hair follicles and olive oil mixed with yogurt and honey with lemon juice added to it leads to thick and voluminous hair.

2. Banana Mask: Bananas being rich in potassium and moisturizing content it is suitable for treating dry hair. For good results, mash one banana and spread it throughout your hair and rinse it off after one hour with lukewarm water leading to less split ends and more elasticity.

3. Vinegar wash: Being acidic in nature, it tries to balance the pH of the scalp. It is used as a diluter when combined with shampoo and adds shine to the hair.

4. Applying a yogurt and oil mask: Half cup of yogurt and 2 spoons of oil when mixed with few drops of essential oil works as an effective homemade remedy for dry hair.

5. Dietary changes: One of the effective natural remedies is changing the diet. A balanced diet rich in all nutrients with an adequate amount of portion size leads to good quality hair and brings more softness.

In order to keep the hair texture intact and lustrous, moisturizing is required that can be done either naturally or chemically. Chemically treated hair does not last long but natural treatments provide long-lasting results. Crinkled and lackluster look of hair is not desirable to anyone. Plenty of bottles promising good quality hair products are available and promoted in the market.

Make sure you pamper your hair either through home remedies or through chemical ones
Make sure you pamper your hair either through home remedies or through chemical ones

5 Promising products for good hair in the market are:

1. John Frieda Frizz Ease Straight Fixation Styling Crème: It helps to hydrate the hair and reduces the frizz. It also helps to keep your hair straight and silky for hours.

2. TIGI Catwalk Curls Rock Amplifier: Formulated with essential oil and environmental protectants, it tries to keep the curls intact and protects from humidity while giving a radiant finish.

3. Hair Play Set 2 Styling Mousse: Acts as an effective hair moisturizer and heat protectant, it helps in styling natural, curly, frizzy or kinky hair. But it can make your hair greasy sometimes.

4. Moroccan Oil Hydrating Styling Cream: Nourishing the hair follicles with the right amount, it is perfect for styling and also adds volume, softness, and glamour to hair and reduces friskiness.

5. Garnier Fructis Style Curl Shape Defining Spray Gel: It tries to boosts the natural hair and adds shine to it. It helps to provide flawless hair and natural permission for styling.

DIY Hair mask for Your hair type 

Regular and frequent exposure to harsh sunlight, weather changes, stress, and pollution, can make your tresses brittle, dull, and prone to damage. All of us are familiar with the importance of natural and organic, we know the fact that nothing works better than natural ingredients. Try these easy to whip up haircare mask, and see how they work wonders on your hair. Following are some of the particular hair type mask, go for one according to your hair type. 

Normal Hair
Normal Hair


Nourishing your ends is most essential, nourish your strands appropriately and keep them healthy and shiny. Here’s a small haircare pack for your normal hair type-

1. Take 2 tbsp each of gram flour and almond powder, prepare a mixture of this along with one egg white. 

2. Mix well and apply the paste to your hair. 

3. Let it stay for 30 minutes and shampoo it off later. 


Oily Hair
Oily Hair

Oily hair can lead to millions of hair problems, they naturally attract dirt and pollutants from the surrounding, which make your hair dull, greasy, and lifeless. The oily scalp also leads to dandruff and other hair and scalp infections. Following is a natural homemade hair care pack which can be highly helpful for your oily scalp and hair. 

1. Take two tbsp each of besan and ground methi seeds and mix it well with coconut milk. 

2. Massage this appropriately into your scalp and leave it on for an hour. 

3. After some time, wash it off with shampoo and then conditioner. 


Dry Hair
Dry Hair

Dry hair is mostly the result of using too many heat or styling products. Certain oils and food can also improve your dry hair, before you move to the salon for a major hair cut, try the following DIY mask to cure your dry hair. 

1. Take 5 tbsp of each besan and curd, and mix them well with 2 tbsp of olive oil. 

2. Apply this mask to your dry hair. 

3. Leave the mixture on for 20 minutes and shampoo off, later condition them.

The benefits of this mask are uncountable, besan will strengthen your roots, whereas curd and olive oil will further add moisture and shine to your hair. 


It’s doesn’t take expensive products to rejuvenate and repair damaged tresses. You can instead opt for the following DIY mask.

1. Take aloe Vera gel, mix 5 tbsp of it with 2 tbsp of a silicone-free conditioner.

2. Apply this mask to your hair and comb it thoroughly through a toothed comb. 

3. Wash it off after applying it for 20-30 minutes. 



Coconut oil is a versatile beauty product, it can be used for all sorts of health and beauty products. It has become well known for its plenty of health-promoting benefits, and also reduces protein loss and keeps your hair looking healthy. Following are some of the benefits of a coconut oil hair mask- 

-Reduce Protein loss- Regular styling and heating can cause you to lose some of the protein that makes up your hair’s cortex, the thickest layer of your hair. Coconut oil reduces protein loss when utilized as a pre and post-wash grooming product. 

-Replenish moisture- Coconut oil penetrates the hair shaft and also helps protect your hair from dryness.

-Penetrate the hair shaft- The coconut oil carries a low molecular weight. It makes it easier for the oil to be absorbed into the hair shaft. 


A coconut hair oil mask can help boost the condition of your hair and it is not restricted to any particular hair type, here are some DIY mask to apply-

-Coconut oil and honey hair mask 


1. 1 tbsp organic honey

2. 1 tbsp organic coconut oil


1. Mix the coconut oil and honey to a pan, heat it on low, stir well to mix them. 

2. Let it cool down until it’s lukewarm, apply it on wet hair.

3. Allow the mixture to sit for 40 minutes, then shampoo it with lukewarm water and condition them. 

-Coconut oil & egg hair mask 


1. 2 tbsp organic coconut oil 

2. 1 whisked egg


1. Mix the coconut oil and whisked egg in a bowl until well blended. 

2. Wet your hair and apply the mixture over your damp hair. 

3. Let the mask stay for 15-20 minutes and then rinse out with lukewarm water.


Hair care tips
Hair care tips

IKF Desk for are you looking for hair

care tips? Hair care or scalp care is an essential yet most challenging task to undertake. Proper diet along with moisturizing and homemade recipes can lead to good hair which is desired and admired by all. Hope this would help to revive your old gleaming hair.


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