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Are You One Of Those Women Who Are Wearing The Wrong Bra Size?

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Are You One Of Those Women Who Are Wearing The Wrong Bra Size?

The fitted bra helps you in improving body posture and makes you look slim. It also boosts your confidence. So, are you one of those who are wearing it correctly? If not, then know your correct bust size in three simple steps.

Changes happen with time, the latest fashion for girls is modifying, & so does our bodies. As we are getting older, the body requirements are also changing. In women, wearing the correct bra size is essential and is the most prioritized change that requires utmost attention.

Why Is It Important To Wear The Correct Size Of A Bra?

Adaptation to the daily requirement is necessary with the growing age. Therefore, it becomes essential to wear the correct bust size. The latest fashion trends demand lots of new styles of bra, but with proper fittings. Some may require T-shirt bras, sports bras, strapless, and prefer backless bras as well. But if wrongly fitted, it would destroy the purpose of wearing it. A good-fitted bra is supportive, improves blood circulation, makes you look slim, and allows the clothes to fit well on you. Also, it makes you feel light and breathable.

What Happens When You Wear The Wrong Bust Size?

Do you know that 8 out of 10 girls are wearing the wrong bra size? A wrongly fitted bra can cause lots of health issues. It can make you physically ill, causing headaches, neck pain, and back pain. The wrong-sized bra is one of the reasons for the wrong posture, unattractive appearance. As we know that breasts do not have muscles, therefore require the right support. If not, then it can cause strain on facial and throat tissues. Incorrect bra size pulls the weight in a downward direction, making it bulky and clumsy.


The Term Brasserie

A brasserie is one of the essential clothing accessories for women that have gradually become the latest fashion for girls. We all are familiar with its uses and functionality but ever wondered where this term originated? The word bra came from the French word Brassière that meant "arm protection". In the past, it was like military armor worn by soldiers. Then it progressed as a small shirt, worn by a child. Later, this term was used to describe undershirt, which would support the breasts. Today, it has evolved into fashion trends known as a modern bra.

Why And How To Measure The Correct Size?

Wearing a well-fitted bra is necessary. Your right bust size helps you in attaining the perfect body shape. Professional measurement helps in getting your correct size. A fitting specialist at the store would measure your rib cage and would suggest some samples. It would help you in getting the right fit.

You don't need a fit specialist every time. Get yourself measured in three simple steps at home.

Measure Your Band Size

1. Measure Your Band Size- Use a measuring tape to calculate your band size. Itshould be a snug fit and leveled. If the number obtained is even, add 4 to it. If it is odd, then add 3 to it. The final number obtained is your bandsize.

Measure Your Bust Size

2. Measure Your Bust Size- Measure the fullest part of your bust. The measuring tape should not be very tight or very loose. Now subtract the band size from the bust size. The number obtained is your correct cup size. It goes like if it is 1, then your bustsize is A. If 2, then B, and soon.

Final Size

3. Final Size- Combine both the measurements to attain your final brasize.

Calculating your bra size is very simple. One should get measured herself once in sixmonths. It is advisable as our body is changing with our growing age. Sometimes, we may lose or gainweight.

Signs That You Are WearingThe Wrong Bra Size

You might not be aware that you are wearing an incorrect bra size. It might affect your appearance when adorning the latest fashion trends. Let's discover a few of the signs that are indicative of an ill-fitted bra.

  • If the band size is too large, it will not provide any support to the bust area.There should be only space of two fingers under the bandsize.
  • If the straps are slipping, it shows that you are wearing a size bigger than your originalsize.
  • If the bra is not in the perfect place while lifting your arms and twisting your body, then it is a sign of an ill-fittedbra.
  • If the cups do not cover the bust area, and space is left out. It is again an indicatorthat you might be wearing a wrong-sizedbra.

One should not compromise with the bust size, especially when trying the latest fashion trends. It would make your appearance dull and also can cause health issues.

I Knock Fashion Desk

The latest fashion trends and different styles are dominating our wardrobes. So as the modern bra styles. Modern bra style has flourished from only being functional to the part of the latest fashion for girls. Variations in bras like strapless, backless, stretchy bra, wireless, and padded bra have now become a fashionable outwear. The glamorous bra was part of the fashion shows as a top trend. But this trend could make you hit the ramp only if you choose the correct bra size.

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