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Basic Beard Grooming Mistakes Men Make!

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Basic Beard Grooming Mistakes Men Make!

Unlike women, men do not have to worry about their dress up, makeup, salon treatments, or anything like that. They just have to get up, sometimes take a shower, wear a jean shirt and move out of the house and still they're late everywhere….LOL.

But men do have a problem they're always worried about their beard. Guys tend to regularly shave or trim their beards once they grow up, but they sure make mistakes in doing so. All the men’s fashion blogs have a part where beard grooming is mentioned, because clothes and shoes never complete the whole look.

Men’s facial hair begins to grow during the time puberty hits them. Many men have a full thick beard, others may continue to have scanty areas of growth until their late 20's or even later than that. Some men never get the chance to have a fully grown thick beard as hormones and genetics play a major role in determining how quickly your beard would ultimately grow in time.

But all this can also be altered by containing healthy lifestyle habits. I am going to explain some beauty hacks for men which consist of solutions to your daily beard grooming issues.

There are several mistakes men make while grooming their beard style. It might seem very easy to trim and style your beard but it requires certain precision and time.

Men- Beard Triming
Men- Beard Triming

Some beard grooming mistakes men make:

1) Do you wash your beard with regular shampoo? If you do then it is the first mistake that you are making. One should never wash his beard with any wrong product because it might have contradictory consequences.

  • Not all hair in your body is similar in texture, pattern, or growth. The skin on your face is very sensitive compared to the other parts of the body including the scalp. So your shampoo might not be the solution and it may leave you with an irritated, itchy, and a shabby looking beard.
  • You accidentally shave too high up the neckline – This is the easiest and the most common mistake men make while maintaining their beards. Men usually hate a neckbeard, they also get confused between their neckline and their jawline, and overly high necklines look ugly as it seems like a double chin.

 2) Do you pay attention to your stubble getting out of control? Maintaining the stubble is most convenient; it is the tiny hair stands left after the shave is complete.

  • There's a stubble related disease many men suffer through- Seborrheic Dermatitis, which leaves unwanted flakes into your beard.
  • People might take it as a hygiene problem, but it's not. The causes of this skin condition are still unknown. Experts mention that this happens due to yeast on the skin called Malassezia.

 3) Do you know how to use a trimmer correctly? Check It Out! Understanding the technique of using a trimmer is very important as getting this right might make a huge difference in the overall appearance.

  • In the early stages of beard growth, patchiness is a common complaint.

Now, after discussing all these issues related to your beard styling, make way for some awesome skincare routine tips to make that beard sexier than ever.

Solution No. 1

  • The latest beauty tips for men have a series of shampoos and beard washes to try: Some of them are-
  • Jack Black's Beard Wash – This particular beard wash is dermatologically tested for sensitive skin. This might be a great choice for men facing issues with a rough beard.
  • Proraso Beard Wash, Wood, and Spice- This beard wash has excellent skin hydration with effective beard cleansing. It contains a tantalizing scent for your beard to look fresh.
  • Beardo Godfather Beard Wash – if you're looking for an Indian brand, this is the best choice for you. This beard- wash deeply cleanses the beard and also manages to remove all the dirt oil off your beard. It does not allow the skin to become itchy and prevents unwanted skin infections. This beard wash is mild and can be used daily. Use these products as part of your skincare routine without switching products.


beauty hacks

Solution No. 2

  • To avoid accidents like shaving the neckline up too high, there's an interesting trick that might help you avoid mistakes like that.
  • First, place two fingers above your Adam's apple.
  • Draw an imaginary line around your ears to give you a slight idea of where your neckline should be
  • There's a trending rule – The shorter the beard, the higher you can go up the neckline, just ensure that you remain intact in the neck region and stay well clear of the JAW.

Solution No. 3

  • To maintain your scratchy stubble-  A regular trim session is required to keep your stubble in check.
  • One simple rule to follow through; go for a higher grade on your cheeks and chin, making it shorter while you move down right below the jawline blending the hair with your Adam’s apple.

Solution No. 4

  • To manage your trimmer settings- Avoid sticking to a one-level setting on your trimmer. Throw out the laziness and update your grade levels accordingly to the patchier areas. This process will keep everything proper ensuring some of the patchier areas to catch up quickly and easily.
Men's Beard
Men's Beard

Men’s fashion blogs consists of other grooming tips as well, like hairstyle tips, men’s styling options, latest shoe trends in men. But the face says it all. So, try and follow some tips mentioned above and give your beard a trendy look.

These beauty tips will surely help guys to look their absolutely best wherever they go. Either it’s a date or an official meeting; your beard charm will take people’s minds away.

I Knock Fashion Desk:

Men in winters look for beard grooming tips and tricks hence, it is important to know the common mistakes made in beard grooming and how to avoid them.I Knock Fashion has done its bit by giving these beauty hacks for men that will help the men in making their beards look slit and sexy, so happy shaving and be careful of the trimmers.

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