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Benetton's Latest Digital Campaign #UnitedByCause Celebrates Kindness!

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Benetton's Latest Digital Campaign #UnitedByCause Celebrates Kindness!

Photo Courtesy: Benetton India Instagram

As the pandemic continues, trends in Indian fashion industry have been transforming. It's evident in the everyday fashion news that brands are moving towards creating a responsible fashion culture. The latest in the fashion news is the brand, United Colors Of Benetton, which is taking forward its strong legacy of celebrating and recognizing the unsung heroes by launching yet another powerful digital campaign titled #UnitedByCause

Thought Behind The Campaign!

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There is no denying in the fact that the fashion brand, United Colors Of Benetton, perpetually stays in the fashion news for its legacy of social campaigns. This time it's in the latest fashion news for yet another powerful digital campaign titled #UnitedByCause. The campaign will be capturing heartfelt stories of kindness warriors who are going above and beyond to help the ones in need in these unprecedented times. 

The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused the motion of panic and distress in people around the globe, and as the world disintegrates, the one thing keeping us bound together is 'Kindness.' The idea behind this campaign is to highlight the emotion and portray that 'Kindness' is more than just a feeling, and, as we navigate life in times like these, any act of kindness, big or small, plays an essential role in reminding everyone that they are not alone. 


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Photo Courtesy: Benetton India Instagram

It's in the fashion news that United Colors Of Benetton will shine the spotlight on several kindness warriors on its Instagram handle acknowledging all the good work they are doing during these difficult times. To drive higher engagement, the brand is bringing some thoughtful digital initiatives around the campaign.

The consumers will be allowed to nominate individuals they know who are walking on the same path and contributing to serving the nation. Apart from keeping up with the trends in Indian fashion, the brand is also gracefully adopting the latest social media trends. It will be launching an Instagram AR filter which will allow consumers to swipe and have a mask on their face with kindness adjectives such as compassionate, change-maker, empathetic, etc. written on them to amplify awareness on the core brand message.   

The brand clearly understands that social media is the most impactful medium to set trends in Indian fashion. Hence, it has onboarded five ‘Cause Ambassadors’ for the campaign amplification. It includes renowned personality in the media & lifestyle landscape Nandini Bhalla, Founder of Mod Art International India- Nishant Joshi, and Digital Influencers & Content Creators- Siddharth Batra & Dolly Singh and Comedian Supriya Joshi.

Benetton also aims to donate more than 1,00,000+ masks through this campaign with the help of the Uday Foundation. 

Words & Views!

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Photo Courtesy: Benetton India Instagram

Mr. Sundeep Chugh, CEO Benetton India Pvt. Ltd, about the campaign, stated, "As a brand, we are a strong believer of promoting inclusivity, and the latest campaign is another significant step in this direction. It emphasizes on the power of kindness and how it brings individuals all across together. The pandemic has made everyone more considerate, and people are coming forward, extending kindness and making these troubled times endurable. The ethos of the campaign is to shine a light on these compassionate warriors sparking a change by acknowledging their gestures that have a wide impact. The idea is not just to provide a recognition platform but also support the cause, encourage others to do their bit, and invoke a sense of community spirit within everyone. I am proud of all the kindness crusaders and thankful for associating with us through #UnitedByCause”.


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