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Best Makeup Looks for the Upcoming Eid Festival

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Best Makeup Looks for the Upcoming Eid Festival

Holy prayers, sermon soon after dawn, party wear dress, and lots of sweets marks the celebration of Eid. Are you all excited to celebrate the upcoming festival with a perfect outfit, beautiful accessories, and great makeup looks for Eid?

Eid al-Fitr is a holy festival of Muslims, is approaching and inculcating the feeling of delight and joy. It is a long day festival that is celebrated after the 30 days of Ramzan. People celebrate it by enchanting holy prayers, sermon soon after dawn, adorning new clothes, exchanging sweets, and exchanging greetings by saying "Eid-Mubarak."

Festivals have started creating a buzz and excitement in everyone's life. Everyone is scouting for their outfits, and makeup looks for festivals to make good memories with eye-catching photographs. But, this time no lavish celebrations due to the ongoing current pandemic situation. It's time to swap our extravagant celebration with house parties with our families. Also, it's time to adorn yourself with the latest trends to show up some fashionable vibe.

Latest Makeup Trends For Festivities

Festivals are around the corner, with Baisakhi just passed by and Eid on the verge of celebration. They are a great time to celebrate happiness and joy with family and friends. Partywear dress, jewelry, makeup, and good food all sum up to make the best of every festival. Good looks become one of the essential parts of the festival. Outfits are incomplete without a trending makeup look for festivals. Three trending makeup looks for festival time are: 

colorful eyes with full face makeup
Colorful eyes with full face makeup

1. Ultra Glam Look- Are you in love with trending highlighters? If yes, then it is a must-go look to try this festive time. Nude lips, soft colored eyes, and glammed-up face marks this look. Use a natural highlighter to highlight your features and make them look extra glowing. 

Bold Eyes
Bold Eyes

2. Bold Eyes- Try something new when festivals are around. Get experimental with eyeshadow colors and go for bold and contrasting colors for eyes. Keep it soft and minimal for lips and face. One can add a little glitter by adding shimmer to the eyes.

No-Makeup Look
No-Makeup Look

3. No-Makeup Look- Getting ready for any festival or doing makeup for Eid, a no-makeup look always makes you look best and natural. Keep everything minimal, like eyes, cheeks, and lips. Only apply a little foundation base and choose a nude shade for lips and eyes to have a subtle and clean look. 

Three Makeup Looks To Adorn This Year For Eid!

The Ramzan days have already started, which builds a curiosity to celebrate the festival of Eid. It's time to adorn yourself in a beautiful traditional dress and matching accessories to share some fashionable looks. But, the whole look is incomplete without an ideal makeup look for Eid. Here are three makeup looks to adorn:

Bold lips and highlights
Bold lips and highlights

1. Luminous Look- Luminous makeup is one of the best-featuring makeup looks for Eid. It is all about accentuating your features and make them glow naturally. For this look, a highlighter is one of the key ingredients as it is applied from the edge of the eyelids to the upper side of the cheek. Then to the cupid's bows, slightly on lips, and the T-bone. It will turn out to be a naturally- glowing makeup look. One can also use a silver or pink highlighter for more glare. 

smokey eyes look- source- shaadiwish @pinterest
smokey eyes look- source- shaadiwish @pinterest

2. Smoky Eyes- One of the bold eyes looks, smoky eyes are best to show strong personality. Black smoky eyes are great, but one can experiment with darker shades like olive green, grey, and blue for makeup looks for Eid. For grey-colored smoky eyes, start with a lighter tone and blend it over the eyelids. Then spread it a little towards the outer edge. Choose a darker shade and blend it with a lighter shade, leaving the edges and upper part. Now tightline the upper lash line and lower lash line with a black eye pencil. Go for darker lines for the lower lash line. Now, set your lashes with a pair of light eyelashes. 

soft and glitter look- source- pinterest
soft and glitter look- source- pinterest

3. Soft Makeup Look- This makeup look works best for any celebration or festival. The soft and warm look for Eid gives a natural and elegant vibe. Create a flawless base with a primer and a foundation. It helps for makeup to stay longer and makes it look all clean and clear. Then, apply a pink blush to the cheeks, and avoid a highlighter for extra glow. Tab a soft, bronze nude shade to the eyelids and apply eyeliner and mascara to define the eyes. Keeping it all simple for eyes, one can go for coral and orange lip shade.

Beauty tips: Eid is all about celebration, but amidst its celebration, do not forget to follow some beauty tips for women

  • For a long-lasting makeup look in hot weather, try to use powder-based cosmetics that do not lead to oily skin texture. 
  • Moisturizer and primer are the primary makeup products that help in creating a flawless base for makeup for Eid
  • An essential makeup tip for women- Highlight one feature at a time. Go for either smoky eyes or bold lips. 
  • Be experimental with the colors for eyes and try different eye makeup looks. 
  • Use of Highlighters - For oily skin, keep it light to have a natural and radiant look, as the face will glow with some extra shine and sweat. 
  • Eye makeup tip for women- For a long day celebration like Eid, use waterproof mascara and eyeliners that stay on even after sweating.
  • Never use to forget a setting spray that will keep your makeup for Eid

I Knock Fashion Desk 

Festivals are an adjoining part of our lives. One can try different makeup looks for festivals for every festival. Try these different makeup looks for the upcoming festival of Eid and fill your social media account with beautiful pictures. 

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