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Best Oils For Beautiful Skin & Hair

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Best Oils For Beautiful Skin & Hair

As lockdown continues across the world, it's quite possible that by now you have probably tried Do-It-Yourself(DIY) projects like making your hand sanitizers, and working out at home with types of equipment around. There are chances that you have even become your nutritionist or interior designer. There's no denial in the fact that staying home has made us all very independent and everyone is learning to become savvier than ever.

To add to the list of quarantine experiments and routines, I Knock Fashion has gathered all the information about oils, and we are here to share tips on oils, how you can use it, and which is the best oil for skin or hair type. Will it be as divine as the skin glow and hair growth you dream of? Yes, most likely these essential oils for skin will do wonders if you apply it consistently and appropriately. So without further ado let's dive into the world of oil and see which is the best one for your skincare, hair problems, or other issues and how exactly to utilize it.

Oils To Maintain Your Positive Energy, Health, Hair growth, and Skin Glow!

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“Natural Oils For Hair & Skin!”

Lockdown can be stressful, and when stress adds up your body nothing else works out, stress becomes visible by displaying fine lines, wrinkles, baldness, dull face, and unexpected spots. All of us are aware of the fact that lockdown is much required and is the best solution to avoid the spread of COVID-19 further, but recent research has depicted how people are suffering from cabin fever. Staying home 24*7 is not as easy as it sounds, and we've combined a list of best oils for skin, hair, and health,  you can use to relax and maintain your hair and skin glow.

1. Eucalyptus Oil-

best oils for skin
best oils for skin

The eucalyptus trees were native to Australia, but today they are grown all over the world and are widely famous for their medicinal properties. The eucalyptus oil comes with healing power after the oil is extracted, it is diluted before it can be used as medicine. The following are some of the major benefits of eucalyptus oil.

⁃ Helps to heal the cough- The oil is utilized to relieve coughing. Some of the most used counter cough medications contain eucalyptus oil, for example, Vicks VapoRub contains about 1.2 percent eucalyptus oil.  

⁃ Chest recovery- Eucalyptus oil helps get the mucus out of your chest, it clears your chest. 

⁃ Disinfect wounds- The oil can be used as an essential oil for skin to fight inflammation and promote healing. The creams and ointments containing this oil can be used on minor burns or other injuries. 

⁃ Distances the bugs- The lemon eucalyptus oil can be used to keep mosquitoes and other biting insects away. 

⁃ Controls blood sugar- The oil is an overall oil, besides promoting skincare it also has potential as a treatment for diabetes. 

⁃ Breathe good and easy- The eucalyptus oil mixed with hot water can be used by people suffering from respiratory conditions such as asthma and sinusitis, by inhaling this steam. But to be precise people who are allergic to eucalyptus may worsen their asthma, consult before using.  

⁃ Ease joint pains- In the past researches have suggested that eucalyptus oil can ease joint pain. This is a major reason why numerous creams and ointments used to soothe pain contain eucalyptus oil.  

⁃ Soothes cold sores- Applying eucalyptus oil to a cold sore reduces pain due to its anti-inflammatory properties and also speeds up the healing process. ⁃ Freshen up breath- Apart from anti-inflammatory properties, the eucalyptus oil also holds antibacterial properties, and this is why it can be used to fight the germs that cause mouth odor. 

2. Leech Oil-

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Leech Oil

All of us are familiar with the scary creature leech, this is the blood-sucking worm. But this scary creature has many benefits, both for nature and humans. Leech therapy has been known for several years now, and today the beneficial substances contained in the leech are extracted either into powder or oil. The substances contained in the leech are mixed with the ingredients that accompany the processing and they further have the following benefits.

⁃ Treat wounds- The leech oil contains a substance called hyaluronidase that works as an anesthetic, this is the major reason that it can reduce pain in the wound. It also accelerates the development of new blood cells and enhances blood flow.  

⁃ Clears Spots and Acne- It can be considered as one of the best oils for skin and skincare. If the leech oil is applied regularly on the skin, spots and acne can be cured, due to the hirudin and histamine substance it has.  ⁃ Prevents aging- The leech oil contains anti-collagen properties, which can lead to better blood circulation and can prevent premature aging. 

⁃ Tightens and smoothens the skin- For the people who are suffering from rough, dull and wrinkled skin, Leech oil can be an essential oil for the skin as applying leech oil regularly can lead to smoother skin and can help restore skin elasticity.

⁃ Helps in diabetes and heart issues- Today all of us are living a fast and unhealthy lifestyle which further leads to heart diseases and diabetes. Applying leech oil to your body can minimize clogged blood vessels, which can further prevent both diseases.  

⁃ Improves immunity- The leech oil holds a bacteriostatic agent which boosts the immune system.  

⁃ Reduces Risk of Hypertension- The anti-inflammatory and anesthesia effects that leech oil holds can help better blood flow, further reducing the risk of getting hypertension. 

3. Jojoba Oil-

Jojoba Oil
Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is trending recently, after all, it's rich in beauty-boosting vitamins A, E, and D. Jojoba is currently the best oil for skin available in the market as it has similar properties to our skin's sebum leading to better skincare. Apart from that, it is also naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal, hypoallergenic, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and analgesic. It can be applied to any skin type, from dry and sensitive to acne-prone. So without any further description let's just read about its benefits.

⁃ Controls dandruff- The jojoba oil has antifungal properties, it helps to treat dandruff along with that it also keeps the scalp moisturized which calms irritation and itchiness. 

⁃ Relieves dryness- As stated earlier the jojoba oil is slightly like the skin's own sebum, this quality further makes it an effective natural conditioner.  

⁃ Prevents cold sores- Jojoba oil if applied appropriately can mix with skin sebum and block the flow of oxygen to the virus, further preventing cold sore.  ⁃ Can work as a makeup remover- This essential oil for skin, hair, and health is a natural makeup remover and can clean your face be it from sunscreen or waterproof mascara. 

⁃ Fixes frizz- Applying a few drops of Jojoba oil to your moisturizer or heat protectant can prevent fluffiness. 

⁃ Balances oily skin- Jojoba oil can reset your skin complexion by bringing back the required balance and skin glow

⁃ No more dry lips- Massaging a few drops of jojoba oil before applying lip balm can help you prevent dry lips. 

⁃ Soften cuticles- Jojoba oil softens the skin around your nails, and its antibacterial properties can add extra protection against nail infections.

⁃ Nourishes hair- It can be an apt DIY hot oil for dry scalp, it will leave your scalp hydrated. 

4. Rosemary Essential Oil-

Rosemary Essential Oil
Rosemary Essential Oil

Unlike its name, rosemary essential oil is not considered as a true oil as it contains fat. The oil is obtained from rosemary which is an evergreen shrub. The leaves of this shrub are needle-shaped. The shrub has a unique woody aroma. Many herbal medicines consist of rosemary essential oil which is now intriguing the scientists to know more about the benefits which this oil can provide to our health and for skin care. Rosemary oil is beneficial to our health in numerous ways. It can boost up one's energy and provide positive energy. The oil is beneficial for hair and skin too. Some of the major perks of rosemary essential oil for skin, hair, and health are listed below.

⁃ Releases mental stress- Many people feel relieved after applying this oil. Rosemary oil increases the alertness and energy of a person. It boosts up one's mood. The oil is used in many folk medicines to help relieve mental stress leading to skin glow. Applying a diluted solution of the oil or simply inhaling its aroma can make one cheerful and energetic. 

⁃ Relieves pain- Some folk medicines also make use of rosemary essential oil to relieve pain. People who survived from stroke find the oil as a great pain reliever for their shoulders. Research shows that this oil is many times more beneficial than other oils used as pain relievers. 

⁃ Helps in hair growth- Rosemary oil can also combat several types of severe hair loss issues. The oil can help cure patchy hair loss and male pattern baldness too. The oil has noticeably good hair growth results.

Skincare benefits- This essential oil for skin has several benefits. It has been found to help in reducing the inflammation caused by acne. It doesn't end here, the oil also reduces puffiness under eyes and provides glowing skin as it also increases blood circulation. It prevents the signs of aging by tightening the skin. 

⁃ Thickens hair- Rosemary oil has great hair thickening properties. When a small amount of this oil is applied with any regular hair oil rosemary oil enhances the thickness of hair.

I Knock Fashion Desk (Conclusion) 

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Essential Oils

We all know the reality is that sometimes there's just not enough time to apply our tried and true regimen, but now that we are locked down and you have the entire time in the world; why not utilize it to get better? Rely on these best oils for skin & hair during this quarantine as these can bring solid results. From healthier, smoother skin to hair, these oils also have major health benefits, so utilize your time in experimenting with these oils. Would you like to know anything else about these oils? Do let us know in the comment section and stay tuned with I Knock Fashion for further beauty and fashion updates.

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