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Blenders-Pride-Fashion-Tour-2019-2020 Begins At Kolkata

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Blenders-Pride-Fashion-Tour-2019-2020 Begins At Kolkata

Blenders Pride Fashion Tour is Bringing three themes- Craft, Blend, and Identity at the fulsome display of extraordinary designs by magnificent designers.

The ‘Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2019-20‘ with its 15th edition was commenced by the acclaimed Indian fashion designer Anamika Khanna in Kolkata, West Bengal. The Blenders Pride Fashion Tour, in association with the Fashion Design Council of India, comes with a path-breaking format with Indian fashion designer Ashish Soni as curator-in-chief and with other 15 eminent Indian designers that displayed the unconventional design ideas. The latest fashion news buzzing about the Blenders Pride largely focuses on a sharp sense of fashion and would present festivals of fashion through the captivating theme- Craft, Blend, and Identity.

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With excellence in vision, Anamika Khanna, Indian fashion Designer, curated an enchanting experience that highlighted the extraordinary craft of the designs in her latest collection ‘My Craft, My Pride’. Adding the splendor to the whole display, the eyes were strutting over the talented showstoppers of the evening; Arjun Kapoor and Janhvi Kapoor who leverage the designer collection.

Reflecting the rich culture of India, the contemporary silhouettes were tailored in the combination of rich fabrics like lustrous satins and rich silk along with khadi cotton, decorated with lace, organza, and tulle.

The indigenous craft, blend of different cultures and individual identity continue to be the center of attraction that visualizes the different cultures of India. The tour also launched a new element of ‘The Showcase’ that provides an important pedestal for aspiring Indian fashion designers and models to display their talent. An artistic display of 58 iconic pieces, ‘The Collection Gallery’ celebrated the new facet of fashion and highlighted the festivals of fashion.

Blenders Pride Fashion Tour
Blenders Pride Fashion Tour

The gallery was inclusive of three zones of craft, blend, and identity that displayed the aesthetics of over 40 named designers such as Kallol Dutta, Dev R Nil, Ayushman Mitra, Paromita Banerjee, and Divya Seth.

There was also a juxtaposition of traditional influences and modern nuances that was engulfed in the essence of the label, Zilzom by Stanzin Palmo, hailing from Ladakh. The vivid collection was representative of Ladakhi silhouettes incorporating the local fabrics like Pashmina engraved with signature storytelling prints.

Industry devoted names like Anju Modi, Anushka Menon, Gautam Bhimani Shamlu Dudeja, Sunil Sethi among others intellectually exchange their ideas over the surviving ability of traditional craftsmanship with modernity soaring higher.

Powerful Voices

Designer Anamika Khanna
Designer Anamika Khanna

Anamika Khanna- Associating with this fashion tour, she took immense pride in showcasing the importance of craft through the rich culture of India. She also believed that craft exposes human experience which is beyond the vision.

Sunil Sethi- Talking about the immense pride in collaborating with Blenders Pride, the two distinctive fashion names in the fashion space. He also felt that both of them were perfectly positioned in showcasing strength and cultures.

Ashish Soni- Talking about the thrilling experience of adding a new element of festivals of fashion along with runway shows to the tour, he added that this edition would be the next step in the fashion field.

Kartik Mohindra- He expresses his joy for this iconic fashion tour which celebrated the new vision of fashion. Commencing the path-breaking format, this collaboration will include the talented designers and artists across the country.

Blenders Pride Fashion Tour would travel across the directions, starting from Kolkata to Hyderabad on 1st February 2020 with designer Manish Malhotra, Delhi on 15th February 2020 with designer Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla, and Mumbai on 22nd February 2020 with ‘The Pride of India’ in association with FDCI. Stay tuned to the fashion news by I Knock Fashion Desk that would give you the insights of upcoming Blenders Pride Fashion Tour.

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