Saturday 19, Jun 2021, Delhi (India)


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Butterfly People By Rahul Mishra!

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Butterfly People By Rahul Mishra!

The Indian fashion industry witnessed one of the most devastating crises during this pandemic. India is a country of rich culture, heritage, artisans, and garment workers. During this pandemic, thousands of them lost their jobs and were displaced. But even in such unprecedented times, there are famous fashion designers in India like Rahul Mishra who stood rock-solid by their artisans and workers. 

Rahul Mishra is one of the most famous fashion designers in India who is well celebrated for his innovation in designs and setting fashion trends. Rahul Mishra's significant part of the New Delhi team is of hand embroiderers and tailors, who, with the studio shut, due to safety measures, were at the center of the storm. Mishra, the famous fashion designer in India, made sure to stay connected with the team in these troubled times, and this is what inspired him for his latest Couture Fall 2020/2021 collection. 

"Butterfly People!" 

The fashion designer in India managed to set some major fashion trends yet again. His collection "Butterfly People" answered the question of the hour, "what is the relevance of couture in such times?" 

The famous fashion designer in India is aware of the fact that the last few months have been a time when the entire fashion world struggled together. He ensured that each artisan was supported by him despite the nationwide lockdown and a devastating drop in sales. Like every other famous fashion designer in India, Mishra, too was anxious, because the future seemed uncertain. But he stood together strong and united with his team. To Rahul Mishra, couture felt like a ray of hope and faith. He believes that the collection united them as they started creating at the safety of their homes.

The core idea behind this latest "Butterfly People" collection was to cultivate sustainable employment for the craft community. "Butterfly People" had an unperturbed expression of art through the motifs, but it had much deeper value. As every stitch and knot was strongly related to the present and future of an artisan, especially hit by the pandemic. 

Nature Inspired 

The designer took inspiration from nature itself for setting the latest fashion trends. As the world stayed locked behind the doors, Mother Nature got the required time to revive itself. He took inspiration from the water bodies and birds returning to the sky without much human intervention. He believed the lotus pond painted a very different picture, with swarms of dragonflies perched on floating leaves and the atelier felt nothing short of a garden - hosting, cultivating and celebrating the craftsmanship of the 'Butterfly People'.

It won't be wrong to say that the designer invoked the beauty of butterflies and the models in his creation looked nothing less but butterflies themselves. The designer's vision of face masks with quivering butterflies and imaginary 1001 night gardens amalgamated culture and craft to perfection. 

Rahul Mishra's Words & Views! 

Rahul Mishra
Designer Rahul Mishra

"My objective is to create jobs which help local craftsmen in their villages in order to develop a circular economic growth in their societies. I take work to them rather than calling them to work for me. If villages are stronger we will have a stronger country, a stronger nation, and a stronger world. My entire philosophy revolves around that. The product will go through evolution - it will change and improve - but the philosophy is constant." Rahul Mishra

The famous fashion designer in India earned global glory this year, as he became the first Indian designer to showcase at the Paris Haute Couture Week championing slow fashion with traditional Indian crafts. His label finds its roots in the ideas of sustainability that present fashion as a tool to create participation and empowerment of the local craft community of India. The brand's soul purpose defines the process. The precisely slowed down process of hand-weaving and hand embroidery allows to build sustainable livelihoods for more than 1000 artisans. His label takes pride in working on the philosophy of the 3 E's - Environment, Employment, and Empowerment, that aims to look at luxury from the lens of participation and not just consumption.

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