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Can You Make Cosmetics At Home?

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Can You Make Cosmetics At Home?

It will not be appropriate to call make-up just a cosmetic product as it has become a part of our daily essentials. It is that dash of colossal kajal that makes you see the world in a new light, the lipstick that makes our day more interesting, and a splash of magic with the eye makeup that makes the world more highlighted. Make-up is not just a cosmetic rather it is an art.

However, this splash of magic from our makeup products comes with more than just a splash of money. What if we say that all those fancy makeup products can be made at home without spending a dime? Yes, it is possible. Here are some homemade makeup products and beauty tips for women that both your wallet and face would love:

  • Kajal

Here is a perfect answer to how do you make cosmetics at home. This recipe is excellent for those who can never leave their house without applying kajal. Now, you can say that you own the chemical-free version of your everyday kajal.

Take 7-8 almonds, and put them in a small earthen pot or Diya. Take a matchstick and light all the almonds till they are entirely on fire. Put two glasses made of fire at a short distance from one another, and keep the earthen Diya with burning almonds between them.Rest a steel plate on top of the glasses and make sure it drifts right above the Diya. Try not to leave too much distance between the Diya and the plate, as the soot is everything we want for the kajal.Let the almonds burn till the flame dies out. Let the plate cool for some time. Flip the plate once it gets completely cool. There must be a lining of black soot on the plate. Take a few drops of castor or almond oil, put them on the soot, and scrape them off the plate.  the thick paste will be formed out of the soot once the oil is mixed. Transfer the formed mixture into a container. Add a little castor oil or almond oil to alter the thickness of the kajal and let it sit for some time. Your homemade kajal is all set for use.

Lip Balm
Lip Balm
  • Lip Balm

Another staple in our bags is lip balm, as it helps us with our chapped and dry lips. Read on to know how do you make cosmetics at home using simple ingredients.

Take 1 tbsp coconut oil and 1 tbsp beeswax in a bowl. Put the bowl over a pot of boiling water and stir till the wax and the oil get melted.Add a few drops of your everyday essential oil for fragrance. Next, add a small piece of your favorite lipstick for tint. Store the formed mixture in a container and let it solidify.Your homemade lip balm is ready for use.

  • Moisturiser

Making DIY moisturizer is super easy and effective.

Take 1 tbsp aloe vera gel and 7-10 drops of coconut oil in a bowl and mix thoroughly. Now take a vitamin E capsule and cut it down and pour its contents into your mixture. Here you can also use almond oil as a substitute.Mix all three ingredients thoroughly and pour them into a small storage container. Here you are ready with your homemade moisturizer.

  • DIY Primer

Begin by adding foundation into a small container. It is best to use a foundation that comprehends your skin tone. To be on the safer side, use your everyday foundation.

Now add concealer into the container. Keep in mind that the concealer should be of the same amount as the foundation. Again, opt for your everyday liquid concealer for this one as you will want to have a shade that matches your skin tone.Now, using a flat scooping utensil, scoop out the same amount of your face moisturizer or body butter. Adding moisturizer will help prevent your lids from drying up. Then add a drop of Aloe Vera gel into the formed mixture. Aloe vera gel helps in retaining oil at bay, as surplus oil can result in greasing. Now mix the mixture thoroughly using a toothpick, and you are done.

  • DIY Eyeshadow Guide

With numerous colors to choose from, eyeshadows are one of those make-up products you need to spend your money on. While there are several eyeshadow palettes in the market, it might lead to making a steep hole in your pocket. Here is your guide to designing the eyeshadow palette, your essential cosmetics at home.

First, add a scoop of coconut oil into a mixing container. Add some beeswax into the container as well. Now put some pressed or loose eyeshadow of your choice into the mixture.Now put the mixture in the microwave and heat it for 30 seconds. Take it out and mix it well and then put it back in the microwave for another 30 seconds. Pour the mixture into an empty EOS lip balm container and you are good to go.

I Knock Fashion Desk

So, this was all about how you make cosmetics at home. Now, we leave it up to you to go crazy with these homemade makeup products. Keep checking our latest blogs for more such beauty tips and tricks.

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