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Careers In Fashion That Will Trend During Festivities In COVID-19!

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Careers In Fashion That Will Trend During Festivities In COVID-19!

"The industry that is hanging between hope and despair...."

There is no denying in the fact that social distancing comes at a great price for both the Indian fashion industry and the audiences. But the thing that has contributed to making the world a better place to live is 'creativity.' It won't be wrong to say that in a time such as now, creativity will speak the unspeakable. The Indian fashion industry is finding numerous creative ways to keep people connected during a pandemic that keeps us apart. 

The Indian fashion industry is open-handedly adapting to shutdowns by swapping physical shows and performance spaces for virtual ones. With the audiences isolating at home, fashion events canceled, and venues shuttered, the Indian fashion industry, which operates almost exclusively from public spaces, is trying to reinvent itself online. 

There are no second thoughts while stating that fashion and art do help people to cope in dark times, but in this pandemic, there are numerous fashion fraternity members who have lost their jobs. Today, I Knock fashion has done the heavy-lifting and come up with the list of careers that are going to trend in the industry far beyond the pandemic. 

The Pandemic's Impact On Fashion's Graduating Class Of 2020!

Fashion's Graduating

No matter how much we think outside of the box and use innovation to keep our connection and make it work, the impacts of the pandemic can never repair completely. Such is the case with fashion students. It is all over the fashion industry news that the fashion students are left stunned as the pandemic shuts down their schools. The fashion class of 2020 has been dealing with a difficult time. The outbreak has wiped out all promises of graduate fashion shows and portfolio presentation events. All the degree shows are getting canceled and, internships are on hold because of the situation. Students who have devotedly worked for a year over their thesis are facing nothing but heartbreak. Although they have completed the collection but never got the chance to celebrate and showcase their work with their peers. The fashion students spent all year hyping-up the show and waited for the day to be able to introduce themselves as designers, and in the end, it all got wasted. As things are getting canceled, students can't find an appropriate silver lining to come out of all this. 

The nationwide lockdown led to huge disturbances in the export houses, according to speculated data even before the virus spread in the country India's good exports had contacted by 1.4% y-o-y to February this fiscal to $292 billion. 

There was also major disturbance in fashion export houses which further led to decrease in export houses employment for fashion students. I Knock Fashion understands that fashion students are going through a difficult time.  Hence, we have come with a list of careers that are going to trend during festivities in COVID-19.

How Has COVID-19 Effectuated Jobs In The Indian Fashion Industry?

Fashion and culture

COVID-19 has now become a global concern and has drastically damaged almost every industry. Joblessness in every sector, including the fashion industry, has become one of the crucial concerns, besides health. The migrant workers and weavers of the fashion industry have been affected most due to the virus. Retailers, influencers, fashion houses, and Indian fashion magazines are also fighting for their existence in the industry. Most of the fashion designers in India depend on occasion wear like festive wear and wedding wear, and these celebrations are no more going to be the same. The fashion designers are having a tough time maintaining their existence. The absence of festival celebrations and events is affecting the Indian fashion industry and is eventually affecting the existence of the people working in the fashion industry. It's not just the fast-fashion brands and fashion designers who are dealing with the crisis, the luxury brands are also equally facing the pandemic's effects. For some, the festive season is nothing but an opportunity to shop for luxury fashion, and now that we have a hindrance like COVID-19 virus, the consumers are facing difficulties in shopping. We all are aware of the fact that Indian luxury shopping is all about touch and feel, now that people can't go and look around the market, the luxury brands are also facing difficulties in reaching the customers. 

Looking at the current scenario, the Indian Fashion Industry is trying its best to get adapted to the new normal. The fundamental changes made by the industry are helping the designers and others to cope up with the loss caused due to the pandemic. Fashion shows and events are now getting organized online. Even Indian fashion magazines are issuing their online versions to get adapted to the new normal. The digitalization of the fashion industry has created specific job profiles that will bloom during and after the pandemic.  Continue reading to unearth the specifications of the job profiles that will flourish during the coming festivities in COVID-19. 

Jobs In Fashion That Will Trend During Festivities In COVID-19!

fashion industry

According to a survey done in May 2020 by the International Labour Organization, more than one out of six young people have stopped working worldwide since the coronavirus has struck the world. But as it is said, "where there is a will, there is a way," the fashion industry is too, finding its way to bloom back. With the shifting of fashion events and businesses online, the Indian fashion industry is getting back to the market. This online mode of the fashion industry is providing opportunities to specific job profiles. 

The pandemic has forced the people to move online and also to adopt sustainable practices in every field. Although numerous jobs are in danger, the digitalization and need for sustainable fashion practices are not only flourishing some old jobs but, are also creating new opportunities in the Indian fashion industry

"Social media is something that is cutting through opinions and becoming the new normal."

The festive season has always been an opportunity for the Indian fashion industry to bloom. Although not to the same extent, this year too, the fashion industry will surely see a rise. The only change that we will be witnessing this festive season is that the Indian fashion Industry will now get digitalized. Thus, creating numerous opportunities for some old and new job profiles. The jobs that will flourish this festive season in the industry are-

1. Smart Inventory Manager- For those of you who are unaware, inventory planning is another essential component of the fashion world that the outbreak of COVID-19 has placed under the spotlight. Now the festive season is arriving in the country, and the brands plan to shift a large amount of unsold inventory after days of shuttered shops. With the festive season on the doorstep, the fashion industry veterans are beginning to rethink how products are handled and organized.  

fashion in india
Virtual Showroom Designer

2. Virtual Showroom Designers-  The fashion industry news states that people are now avoiding to visit showrooms and are preferring window shopping. With the onset of the Indian festive season, numerous designers have started their virtual showroom. The virtual showroom is not new to the industry, but before the pandemic, they were just an option, whereas now, they have become a necessity. This change has created several opportunities for virtual showroom designers in the industry.

3. Corporate Responsibility Expert- The experts in corporate responsibility are only going to see a raise, as, in India, the festive season, along with happiness, brings social responsibility and ethical promotion. Now, with years the brands have made public pledges to do better and are forced to follow through on their promises. Hence, the fashion and beauty brands will need to listen and learn from experts about how to effectively look at the dynamics of their workplace culture. The Corporate Responsibility Expert will also help ensure that the brand's internal structure reflects its outward-facing content, which is the need of the hour.

Makeup Artist
Make-Up Artist

4. Beauty Influencers/ Make-Up Artist- The pandemic has proved how beauty influencers play an important role in flourishing the beauty and fashion industry. Now that people will avoid the salons this festive season due to the pandemic situation, it will give rise to the careers of beauty influencers. Their beauty tips and tricks will be of great help during festivities in COVID-19.

5. CGI Artist- Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) post-COVID-19 has been gaining much attention in fashion image-making, from advertising to short films to editorials. Now, with the outbreak of COVID-19, designers are looking for avant-garde ways to launch their collection online. During the festivities, the CGI artists will dramatically increase.

6. Fashion Stylists/ Influencers- We all follow one or the other fashion influencer to know about the latest fashion trends. Although a career in fashion influencing was blooming even before COVID-19, after the pandemic, it will see a rise. People always admire the creative fashion styles of the stylists and influencers, and this festive season this admiration is going to go a long way. 

I Knock Fashion's Desk

It is good to see that we are adjusting to a new reality, and the fashion industry is finding solutions to support each other. In India, as different festivals are arriving, the fashion trends will continue to change as fast as fashion influencers will upload to Instagram. The festive season in India will make brands lookout for smarter ways to manage the products. It is for the first time in India that for the festive-shopping people will prefer online over offline. It would become difficult for brands to retain the attention of their customers in an increasingly saturated market. Hence, the brands will be needing all the mentioned job profiles to help their sales flourish. So, if you are a fashion student in search of a job, applying for these job profiles can work wonders for you.

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