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Beauty integrates skincare, haircare, and makeup. I Knock Fashion’s beauty section will let you know about the latest beauty trends, celebrity looks, how to use makeup, and most importantly the business of beauty and skincare around the globe.

5 Ice Cube Hacks For Glowing Skin

Ice cube hacks for skincare and glowing skin are trending natural beauty hacks. People from all across the globe can apply and use these hacks to get flawless and glowing skin.

Must-Follow Hair Care Routine During Summers In India

The scorching heat, sweat, and the continuous urge to wash the hair define the summer season in many parts of the world. Adorning the perfect summer look with well-set hair and flawless makeup is a struggle.

What Are The Best Korean Beauty Trends?

For all these years, Korean beauty in India has taken a rise from zero to top. During this global pandemic, people mostly searched for Korean Beauty Products and the best Korean beauty trends

The Psychology Behind Wearing Makeup

We've come a long way in developing makeup tips for women in the beauty industry with a variety of makeup products.

Is Your Lip Shade Complementing Your Complexion?

Experimenting with new makeup tones and shades can be very exciting. But, when it comes to makeup, you need to know what suits your skin type and skin tone following the beauty tips for women.

Everything About Hair Detox At Home

What do you understand by the word detox in a haircare routine? It generally means having a new start from an old addiction or habit we've been trying to move on from.

Do Indian Beauty Brands Need To Take Personalization Seriously?

The top five nations for generating the highest revenue in beauty and cosmetics are- USA, China, Japan, India, and Russia. In India alone, the beauty industry is expected to grow at 7.7% per annum.

How to Start a Small–Scale Beauty Business at Home?

A small-scale business is a small enterprise that is bifurcated by a low investment amount; it has a low sales level if compared to regular-sized enterprises or corporations.

Edible Seeds – The Healthy Beauty Routine

When we talk about switching to a healthier food routine, the first thoughts are about fruits and vegetables. But we forget about the seeds which these fruits and vegetables contain.

Dandruff Problem & How To Get Rid Of It?

Everybody wants healthy and strong hair. Hair can be adorned with hairstyles, gels and hair accessories. Hair reflects the mood; it makes one feel confident or gives a bad day feeling too. People invest heavily in maintaining their hair.