Wednesday 20, Jan 2021, Delhi (India)


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The Only Makeup Guide You Need For The Coming Festive Season!

As the festive season is drawing near, the need to incorporate shiny and bright things in your wardrobe and beauty kit becomes inevitable. But before you go ahead to shop new evening makeup products and binge on sparkling shadows, keep in mind these do's and don'ts of makeup for festive season parties.

Pre-Wedding Haircare: Flaunt Your Tresses On Your Wedding Day!

It's not just the wedding shopping, evening makeup, and skincare that needs your attention. Your tresses are also an extremely crucial part of your wedding look. To help you get started on the hair bit, I Knock Fashion has come up with some of the best hair care tips you can rely on for your wedding day, also unearth products by OGX Beauty India that can help you get shiny mane.

Wedding Beauty Countdown: Bridal & Pre-Bridal Skincare!

Before the evening makeup glam, before the outfit planning, there are numerous skincare rituals that you have to swear by when getting ready for your big day or Haldi ceremony. Brides-To-Be are you ready for it? Today, I Knock Fashion has done the heavy-lifting and has come up with a skincare timeline that includes beauty tips and tricks you can blindly trust.

Why Choose Nail Art As A Career Option?

Nail art is the art of enhancing the nails by trimming, decorating, and polishing them. It is generally done post manicure and pedicure. The art of decorating nails and nail style is…

Steps To Build A Career In Makeup Artistry

Want to be a top-notch makeup artist? Reality Check- You need to start from somewhere! The makeup and beauty industry is booming in India. With the inclusion of men actively benefitting from the services of the beauty and grooming industry, the scope of beauty is rising daily.

Where Should Your Next Piercing Be?

Queue the music- It is quarantine makeover time. As people are locked down, they are itching to change up their looks along with adopting new fashion trends. It is quite evident all…

Skincare Guide For The Coming Monsoon!

No matter what your skin type is, and no matter where on earth you live, you can’t seem to escape monsoon’s oily skin. That’s right, even in most temperate and sunny places…

Has Chinese Beauty Animal Testing Come To An End?

All of us are aware that China has traded and consumed animals for centuries, they have been utilizing the animals for almost everything from traditional Chinese medicine to research, and fur to…

Know-It-All About The Drag Queen Makeup!

What’s All This Talking About The Drag Queen Makeup? Those of you who are completely aloof from this beauty industry trend, I Knock Fashion has got your back. Today in this beauty…

PERIODS: The Empowering Curse Of Indian Women

History says that untouchability was abolished in India in 1955, But the truth is that an advance version of it still exists, especially against women in the form of menstruation taboo“- Lady…