Monday 27, Sep 2021, Delhi (India)


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Where Can Indians Travel Now? Restrictions In COVID 19

Travel is next on the go-to-list to get the change from the monotonous life of holding yourselves into the houses amidst the second wave of Covid-19 India.

How To Stop Junk Food Cravings?

When you step outside, several junk foods pull you towards themselves just like a magnet attracts iron.

How To Choose The Right Workout Outfit In Activewear?

Activewear offers a short and comprehensive meaning to casual, simple, comfortable, and voguish clothing for exercise or playing sports.

Is India Soon To Have Standardization In Fashion Sizes?

Discussions for having a standardized fashion chart have been on the agenda since 2006 in India. Debates, talks, polls all have already taken place. In 2018, NIFT (National Institute of Fashion & Technology) took to the forefront

Machinery & Equipment At Ellora Creations PVT LTD

A garment export house necessarily functions and profits through mass production of the latest fashion apparel for other organizations by sourcing, manufacturing, and shipping of products to other countries.

Style With The Fashion Trends of 2021

The whole fashion industry revolves around surprises. Designers to retailers, models to actors; all are bound in the world of fashion. Designers, retailers and brands pulled out awesome collections digitally all over the world through fashion weeks,

Latest Fashion Trends Of 2021

2021 brings a new world of trends in fashion for the globe. It amalgamates hope and normalcy in the new way of living. The fashion trends of 2021 indicate illuminating colors, nature-driven patterns, and casual silhouettes.

Are You One Of Those Women Who Are Wearing The Wrong Bra Size?

The fitted bra helps you in improving body posture and makes you look slim. It also boosts your confidence. So, are you one of those who are wearing it correctly? If not, then know your correct bust size in three simple steps.

Style With The Winter Fashion Trend Of Sweaters

The winter fashion and style gets active with the onset of the winter season. It is the time to revisit your closets and ensure it with the latest winter fashion trends of 2021.

Women Think! Are Revealing Clothes An Invitation For Men?

Often as women, especially those belonging to the east, the first thought that pops in the minds while dressing in fashion trends or western culture dresses for an occasion or work is- Hope this is not too revealing!