Saturday 31, Jul 2021, Delhi (India)


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Caste System and Its Effect On Marriages In India

The advent of social media, urbanization, and the concept of nuclear families is changing the outlook of the Indian society of marrying within the same caste. However, an absolute mind change is a distant dream. Many social evils exist in Indian society due to caste and marriages taking place outside of the same. From killings to outcasting or boycotting, the Indian inter-caste marriages involve a series of stressful events.

Hotspots For Complete Wedding Shopping In Delhi!

If you've stopped on this post while scrolling through your feed, you are sure to be one of those people who fall under the category of to-be-wed. Today we are here to help you with the latest Indian fashion trends you can stumble upon for your wedding looks and where exactly to find them in the national capital- Delhi.

Top 10 Designers To Shop Bridal Wear In Delhi

You must be admiring your favorite fashion blogger's wedding outfit and dreaming about having a similar one on your special day. No more dreaming, as today, we are here with the list of 10 famous fashion designers in Delhi for bridal wear.

I’m A Girl Not A Burden: A Voice Against The Dowry System

Are the lives of women equal to the dowry their parents can afford to give to the groom’s family? Imagine keeping your life on a scale with the other holding filled with jewelry, money, car, clothes, and valuables.

DHI Explains Sustainable Fashion & Everyday Wear!

“Sustainable fashion is an ethical circle of yarn to apparel. A cycle that starts from the locally sourced yarn to handspun weaves and eventually into apparel that is soft to the feel and easy to wear,”

What Is The Psychology Of Sizes In Fashion?

“It is not about what size you adorn, but how you adorn it!” Psychology in fashion can explain enormous things, did you know it is possible to shop yourself thin? If not,…

What Makes Louis Vuitton So Expensive?

Louis Vuitton, the French fashion house, is always in the fashion industry news and perpetually in everyone’s mind and dreams for the artistic luxury bags. It is one of the most constant…

Jawed Habib: “My Product Is My Education!”

I Knock Fashion recently had a conversation with celebrated hairstylist and ace businessman Jawed Habib about what inspires him, one tipping point in his career, and the must known hair care tips…

What Is Print Psychology In Fashion?

All the fashion fanatics would agree on this, that fashion trends come and go, but some stay evergreen, acing the trend forecasters list, year after year.

Do Dark Skinned Lives Really Matter In India?

Ever thought had the Britishers or whites not ruled on us, but, we had ruled on them, would white/ fair skin still be considered superior and beautiful in colonized nations like India? …