Wednesday 28, Oct 2020, Delhi (India)


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Will Designer Masks Be The New Essential In Indian Weddings?

As the COVID-19 pandemic becomes a part of our everyday life, a face mask is topping the list of trends in Indian fashion. It’s no more just a mask, but a must-have…

Will The #PayUp Movement Change Fashion Industry For The Better?

"What exactly is the true cost of fast fashion brands and keeping up with the quickly revising fashion cycle?” The favorite mom jeans you adorn and get most compliments about; have you…

Unisex Fashion Is On The Rise, Will Indian Fashion Industry Embrace It Too?

In the 21st century allocating genders to objects, colors and concepts are beginning to be viewed as sexist and discriminatory. The idea of differentiating what a person should be adorning based on…

Will Boycotting Chinese Products Quiver The Indian Fashion Industry Too?

This year has got numerous pall of gloom descended on all of us as we grapple with the idea of war, deaths, and viruses. Our generation has never witnessed a devastating time like this before,

Is Nepotism Stifling The Indian Fashion Industry?

Suhana Khan’s Vogue shoot, Ibrahim Ali Khan’s magazine shoot, Alaya Furniturewala’s ramp walk at Lakmé Fashion Week 2020, what do all these have in common? If nepotism was your answer you may…

Is The Fashion World Disillusioned With Social Media?

“A life built absolutely on getting ‘likes’ can be of no good.” With the advent of digitalization, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter offered a freeway for the public to…

Is The World Well Dressed But Depressed?

According to data by World Health Organisation(WHO), almost 8,00,000 people die due to suicide every year, which is 1 person every 40 seconds and the survey further depicts that India and China account for 40% or more of the annual suicide deaths globally.

The Beauty Entrepreneur Aashmeen Munjaal's Journey In The Beauty Industry

Beauty has recently grown into an industry in India. The beauty industry in India owes its growth to many beauty entrepreneurs and professionals, Aashmeen Munjaal being one of them.

LGBTQ: Does Fashion & Beauty Support The Queers?

Inclusivity has always been the motto of the fashion industry. Be it size, color, Pride, or any other concept built by the society, the fashion industry and beauty industry have always had a mind of its own. The Indian fashion designers,

Can Sustainability And Profitability Go Hand In Hand?

No matter how many people around the world are concerned about pollution and wastage, their support for promoting and adopting sustainable fashion still tends to vary. But from the past few years,