Thursday 06, May 2021, Delhi (India)


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Coronavirus Helpline Services in Delhi

Looking at the fatalities going unnumbered and escalating Covid-19 cases reaching up to 26,000-27,000 in Delhi, many communities are rallying down the city's road to fight against the deadliest.

COVID 19 In India: What Made India Explosive To The Double Mutant?

"Immediately lock yourself in your homes for coming weeks, spend quality time with your loved ones, care for each other, and we'll be back to normal"

Are Fast Fashion Brands Moving Towards Sustainable Fashion In COVID 19?

A lot has changed since 2019, life has slowed down and necessity has taken to the forefront. COVID 19 and the increasing Corona cases have rung a bell of alarm amidst the people and industries.

How Has COVID 19 Changed The Perception Of Beauty And Skincare In India?

Tracing history, the earliest form of beauty and women in India can be seen through the paintings and sculptures that portray the beauty of a woman to be curvy with long plaited hair or S-shaped body forms.

Is Digital Media The New Fashion Hub In India Amidst COVID 19?

As the corona cases in India, today are scaling to unimaginable heights, the movement of the people is getting restricted to digital imprints and the social media world. Before 2019, fashion in India portrayed a very different picture,