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Fashion Trends

We all want to stay in fashion and look up to date as per the latest trends for men and women. The Fashion Trends section will bring to you the latest trends in fashion global and Indian to keep you a step further than the others in fashion.

Everything About The Jodhpuri Suit Outfit in India

A Jodhpuri outfit for men can be worn as a two-piece or a three-piece depending on how elegant the suit is and how the modern look is required.

5 Most Popular Stops For Thrift Shopping

Thrift Shopping is an idea that traversed the secondhand world leading to eco-friendly and pocket-friendly goods. Also, it is a distinctive experience to explore and buy the latest fashion trends.

5 Fashion Trends You Can Totally Adorn This Spring Season 2021

The fashion trend 2021 is varied and versatile. From comfortable wear to chic and stylish clothing, this year spring fashion trends have it all in it. The fashion weeks and brands with fashion designers...

The Latest Fashion Trend Of Oversized Clothing

The oversized clothing trend is considered the new wave of fashion innovation. After a distressing pandemic, people are bound to get comfortable and super chill with their fashion statements.

Fashion Tourism- Fashion In India Across Its Northern Region Part I

The northern region of India is known for its varied fashion trends and India’s indigenous fashion. From traditional ‘pherans’ with Kashmiri art to western and Indo western outfits,

What Are The Latest Office Wear Styles?

Office goers are mostly busy and way out of their usual calendar. The fashion sequence of every person is different and unique in its way. People follow through the latest fashion trends and styles to dress up for their daily schedules,

Is India Soon To Have Standardization In Fashion Sizes?

Discussions for having a standardized fashion chart have been on the agenda since 2006 in India. Debates, talks, polls all have already taken place. In 2018, NIFT (National Institute of Fashion & Technology) took to the forefront

Men’s Spring Summer Fashion Trends

The last year has been very frustrating in regards to the fashion industry's growth. But the brilliant designers have created several ways to digitally showcase their work to the whole world.

What To Wear This Valentine’s Day!

We all know how valentine's approaching this month. Some of us have planned to go on cute romantic dates, spend time with our partners or just order a pizza and binge a movie night all alone.

Style With The Fashion Trends of 2021

The whole fashion industry revolves around surprises. Designers to retailers, models to actors; all are bound in the world of fashion. Designers, retailers and brands pulled out awesome collections digitally all over the world through fashion weeks,