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Fashion Trends

We all want to stay in fashion and look up to date as per the latest trends for men and women. The Fashion Trends section will bring to you the latest trends in fashion global and Indian to keep you a step further than the others in fashion.

Summer Of 2019: Top Trends This Season

If you’re looking to keep your wardrobe up to date, the fashion world’s runway showcases and street style stars have all the inspiration you need. They not only showcase what’s coming next in fashion but also display what’s trending at the moment.

Millennials: A New Era In Fashion

You would have heard it that millennials are destroying various industries, from cereal to soap. The millennial (about 22 – 37 years old) known as post-millennial are as excited about fashion as ever. They just think about it differently.

The Evolution Of Indian Street Style

As the name suggests, ‘street style’ is a fashion that has evolved from the streets itself. Unlike fashion trends, street style doesn’t just cover one way of dressing, rather a whole variety of styles. Who wanted to express their creativity and individuality through fashion.  They have had an impact on the world of high fashion.

Your Guide To Summer Style | Summer Fashion Guide

Guide To Summer Style: Summer calls for a switch in wardrobe-essentials. They’re the pieces you would turn to and complete each look for the season. Starting from basic white tees to flown maxi dresses, these summer must-haves are what every closet requires. 

A Beginners Guide To Personal Styling

Do you open your closet in the morning to get dressed and mostly end up wearing the same thing every day, thinking – “I have nothing to wear.” Styling is the answer.