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The fashion industry in India is growing from a fraternity to an industry. With the globe eyeing at the trends of the fashion industry, check out all the latest happenings, updates and changes at I Knock Fashion’s Section.

How Digital Media Transformed The World Of Fashion

One of the foremost and most significant aspects of the business lexicon is marketing. The dynamics of marketing refer to the factors that impact the supply and demand of products in a market. 

Scholarships For Fashion Students 2019 – How To Get A Good Scholarship?

Scholarships are financial help for the underprivileged students. The best way to attain a good scholarship is to keep your grades up, be skillful in presenting your portfolio, and showcase your talents and aspirations in the interview.

Important Rules In Drafting An Impressive Design Resume

While Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts are convenient ways to craft a personal brand and identity, nothing is as paramount as your resume. It’s highly important you become the ‘odd one out’ in a stack of resumes.

Fashion Courses Pursued By Renowned Indian Fashion Designers

India is a country famous for its diverse rich culture and traditions. The Indian fashion industry has millions of years of history. Every state and region in India has its traditional dress and fashion.

The Controversies That Encircled The Legacy Of Karl Lagerfeld

For over three decades, Karl Lagerfeld was the face of one of the world’s most powerful fashion houses, CHANEL. The silver hair pulled back into a sleek ponytail, a black-tie around the collar of his turtleneck.

A Beginners Guide To Personal Styling

Do you open your closet in the morning to get dressed and mostly end up wearing the same thing every day, thinking – “I have nothing to wear.” Styling is the answer.

How Communication Changed The Fashion Business

Such businesses are informed by new age ideas like transforming food crop waste into the fabric. These fabrics are 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

A Guide To Finding Your Passion (And a Career You Love!)

Our entire lives revolve around ‘passion’. A passion to live the life we’ve always dreamed of, a passion that transforms our talent into skills we could make use of – bringing that dream into fruition! Indeed, our dreams take a different turn as we get older and we try to comprehend the complexities of life.

Finding Your Career In Fashion

Fashion is a wide array of multiple career choices. There is a lot on the platter, so choosing a career in fashion can be puzzling to some. To make your choices simpler, let’s break it down into three main categories Fashion designer career.

How to Choose Your Fashion College Wisely

How to Choose Your Fashion Design College Wisely: The theory of education today has shifted from conventional career options to innovative job choices. Creativity is breaking the monotony.