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Hair care

I Knock Fashion brings the best hair care blogs. From hairstyles, DIYs to hair care tips and tricks. It is a place for the hair flaunters.

5 Festive Hairstyles You Must Try!

With festivities around the corner, everyone seems to be occupied choosing their outfits and mining their makeup skills.

5 Ways to Curl Your Hair Without Using Heat Curls!

Sailing through the rain with long and shining tresses is everyone's wish, but curly hair in the monsoon without heat curls is another big task.

5 Easy Haircuts You Can Give Yourself At Home!

If you cannot make it to the salon at present and are in much need of a haircut, it is absolutely fine to give yourself a quick easy haircut at home.

Easy Work From Home Hairstyle Trends That Will Make You Look Office-Ready!

Work from home has become the new normal. As with all new adjustments, your mind is probably swiveling about what are the new hairstyle trends in 2021. With a few modifications,

How To Do Hair Spa Treatment At Home?

Rejuvenate and pamper your tresses with a hair spa session at home. Follow a step-by-step guide for a hair spa at home and get along with long and lustrous hairs.

3 Ancient Asian Hair Growing Techniques

We have heard all the stories and have heard all the rumors. The Asian king has fallen in love with a beautiful princess. Impressed by her appearance and intrigued by all her features.

Hair Care And Best Hair Care Products For Different Hair Types

Most people hold their hair as their pride. The length, texture, strength, and color of the hair determine the care the person takes of his/ her hair.

Must-Follow Hair Care Routine During Summers In India

The scorching heat, sweat, and the continuous urge to wash the hair define the summer season in many parts of the world. Adorning the perfect summer look with well-set hair and flawless makeup is a struggle.

Everything About Hair Detox At Home

What do you understand by the word detox in a haircare routine? It generally means having a new start from an old addiction or habit we've been trying to move on from.

Dandruff Problem & How To Get Rid Of It?

Everybody wants healthy and strong hair. Hair can be adorned with hairstyles, gels and hair accessories. Hair reflects the mood; it makes one feel confident or gives a bad day feeling too. People invest heavily in maintaining their hair.