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IKF Desk

IKF Desk is an exclusive section bringing its readers the articles on special topics built on editorial themes to emphasize and bring out the depth of a situation in fashion. Read through the articles to get greater insights of the fashion fraternity.

The Relevance Of Public Relations & Communication In Fashion

Over the last few years, the fashion world has grown immensely, the fashion industry is not minor anymore. It’s quite the opposite, it’s vast, today fashion culture is dictating the world. Along…

How Will Indian Fashion & Lifestyle Retail Emerge Post COVID 19?

India has immense scope for expansion in the retail sector. With an increasing income bracket, infrastructural development, and movements such as digital India, the country was climbing the ladder up in retail attracting many foreign direct investments.

Luxury Market Pre And Post COVID-19!

The COVID-19 situation has left the world shaken, as it is something the world has never experienced before. Not only has the virus turned into a global pandemic but, it has also…

Find Out How Exhibitors & Fashion Events Are Facing COVID 19 Crisis!

The Indian fashion industry is at a very nascent stage, still maneuvering its way to build a future in fashion. With indigenous fashion as a strength for the Indian fashion designers along…

Can Fashion Tourism Be The New Branch Of The Indian Tourism Industry?

“A tourist sees what he has come to see”- G.K Chesterton Tourism to promote indigenous culture, sustainable fashion and hand manufacturing is not a new concept, Vietnam has been leveraging on craft…

FDCI'S Chairman Sunil Sethi Leads Against COVID-19 In Fashion

An Exclusive Interview Of I Knock Fashion With Hon'ble Chairman, Mr. Sunil Sethi, FDCI ...

Indian Fashion Industry Unites Against COVID-19

While other industries fall out against each other during the critical situation, the Indian Fashion Industry holds tight to its fraternity, standing together united against COVID 19.

How COVID 19 Is Affecting The Fashion Hub- Shahpurjat

"We cannot shut down completely and tell the workers to leave and not come from tomorrow forever, so we need to keep generating orders to give out salaries, we run families here. Hence, we have asked our staff to work from home and built a separate team to coordinate with them keeping in mind their safety and health first."

The 2019 Of I Knock Fashion- A Startup's Journey

The word Start-Up is very complicated in itself. It encompasses ideation, hit and trial, execution and most importantly, it puts you in a state where you know THIS WILL WORK but what you don't know is-HOW WILL THIS WORK?