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Do Fashion Influencers Really Need Another Business?

Trawling the Instagram accounts of fashion influencers has brought the graphs down of an exclusive club of print media and top editors. The revolution in social and digital media has come up with the rise of bloggers,

From Promoters To Trend Setters – Fashion Influencers Are Going Viral

From Promoters To Trend Setters – Fashion Influencers Are Going Viral, up until a couple of years ago, the print media and top-tier fashion editors had the final say about what’s on-trend in fashion and what’s not.

Do You Know The Other Side Of The Weaver’s Story?

Do you know the other side of Weaver’s Story? – Archaeological surveys show that people of the Harappan civilization knew how to weave. References to weaving and spinning materials can also be found in Vedic literature.

Akshat Bansal – Sustainable Yet Modern With A Purpose

Akshat Bansal – Sustainable yet modern with a purpose, The designer Akshat Bansal truly represents the today through his clothing and style. The pret a porter designer has already showcased at the LFW 2018 and will be showcasing this year too.

Have These Handloom Fabrics Made A Way To Your Wardrobe?

Have these handloom fabrics made a way to your wardrobe? – Cotton, linen, khadi and silk. Each of these fabrics have their own unique properties that dominate its styling type.

The Advent Of Power Looms During Industrialization In India

Indian Textile industry has been one of the most affluent industries and contributes majorly after the Agriculture industry. It is one of the ancient sectors which has grown larger and redefined itself.

Untold Stories About The Weavers Of India

Lines by Sarojini Naidu, about the weavers of India exceptionally portrays the three stages of life and connects them with the weavers, as our weavers have been weaving the thread of magic for generations past and to come happily.

Indian Weavers Set For Revival

Indian weavers Industry has been the most long-established sector, which is responsible for mass employment before independence and after independence.

History Of Weavers In India

Farmers in the Indus valley were the first to spin and weave cotton. In 1929, archaeologists recovered fragments of cotton textiles at Mohenjo-Daro, in what is now Pakistan, dating to between 3250 and 2750 BCE, tracing the History of weavers in India.

Is The Cotton Industry Fair And Sustainable?

Cotton and cotton textile industries are the center of the economic growth of both the developed and developing countries, contributing to development that is socially and sustainably responsible.