Saturday 17, Apr 2021, Delhi (India)


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Steps To Build A Career In Makeup Artistry

Want to be a top-notch makeup artist? Reality Check- You need to start from somewhere! The makeup and beauty industry is booming in India. With the inclusion of men actively benefitting from the services of the beauty and grooming industry, the scope of beauty is rising daily.

Know-It-All About The Drag Queen Makeup!

What’s All This Talking About The Drag Queen Makeup? Those of you who are completely aloof from this beauty industry trend, I Knock Fashion has got your back. Today in this beauty…

Humidity At Its Peak? – Makeup Tips For Monsoon

After the scorching months of summer, all we wait eagerly is for monsoon. However, our skincare & makeup routine seldom agrees with this sentiment. Monsoon may not be a very favorable season for makeup lovers.

All Things The Bride To Be Should Know About Makeup

Bridal makeup and more We live in a country that is most famous for its big, fat Indian weddings. People have certain aspirations for their big day as the groom and bride…

Are You Doing This Before Applying And After Removing Makeup?

Make up needs a smooth bed to settle well. It is thus, important to make a few steps, permanent habits to care well for your skin. While you must have mastered the…

Men's Makeup - Breaking The Taboo

Men and makeup As this modern world is moving forward, the gender demarcations that were once very clear, are slowly blurring. People have become more accepting towards many things that were considered…