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In the Monday Blog segment I Knock Fashion covers all fashion education and must-know trends related blogs and articles.

Are You One Of Those Women Who Are Wearing The Wrong Bra Size?

The fitted bra helps you in improving body posture and makes you look slim. It also boosts your confidence. So, are you one of those who are wearing it correctly? If not, then know your correct bust size in three simple steps.

Fabric Ornamentation & Fabric Manipulation At Ellora Creations PVT LTD

The indigenous fashion of India boasts of crafts and skills native to various cultures and states, at Ellora Creations PVT LTD they all come under one roof to cater to the high-end fashion market of the world.

Why Opt For Certified Online Courses In Fashion & Beauty?

If you are inclined towards subjects and skills related to fashion and beauty, online certified courses are one of the most convenient and effective ways of learning from academies, universities, and professionals. …

Is The World Well Dressed But Depressed?

According to data by World Health Organisation(WHO), almost 8,00,000 people die due to suicide every year, which is 1 person every 40 seconds and the survey further depicts that India and China account for 40% or more of the annual suicide deaths globally.

How To Write An Ultimate Fashion Blog?

Writing your first fashion blog can be exciting and intimidating all at once, but it doesn’t have to be scary. If you have a passion for fashion, there are high chances that you must be already following the most creative fashion bloggers

History of Lingerie And Its Market In India

From being a topic that should be kept secretive to becoming a bold sign of progress and freedom, lingerie in the past 200 years has come an extremely long way. Beginning with…

Is Polyester The New Sustainable Fabric?

In the fashion world unraveling a fabric's green credentials isn't easy, today I Knock Fashion will be briefing you about the fabric which in the post Second World War period, was considered a miracle fabric- Polyester.

Up-Cycling and Recycling with Veteran Fashion Designer Reynu Taandon

If your wardrobe is filled with clothes; most of it you don't know what to do with or how to put them into use, try upcycling and recycling them. A novel concept for the west and a culturally embedded practice for the easterners,

Will COVID- 19 Be The Debacle Of S/S 2020 Or Entire Fashion Cycle?

Unlike every year, this season couldn’t start with the fashion shows, showcasing the latest fashion trends. Creativity is the beating heart of the fashion industry, and fashion shows function as the brain,…

Will COVID-19 Worsen The Situation of Indian Artisans & Weavers?

Artisans are the ones who produce artisanal products, either completely by hand, tools or even mechanical means, these are mostly produced out of raw materials from sustainable resources. Artisanal creation is something to admire for because of their utility, art, and creativity.