Monday 26, Oct 2020, Delhi (India)


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In Saturday Blogs we cover journey’s of all the famous, emerging fashion designers and beauty industry individuals. we show ups and downs of their journey and how they excelled in life.

Top 10 Designers To Shop Bridal Wear In Delhi

You must be admiring your favorite fashion blogger's wedding outfit and dreaming about having a similar one on your special day. No more dreaming, as today, we are here with the list of 10 famous fashion designers in Delhi for bridal wear.

DHI Explains Sustainable Fashion & Everyday Wear!

“Sustainable fashion is an ethical circle of yarn to apparel. A cycle that starts from the locally sourced yarn to handspun weaves and eventually into apparel that is soft to the feel and easy to wear,”

Jawed Habib: “My Product Is My Education!”

I Knock Fashion recently had a conversation with celebrated hairstylist and ace businessman Jawed Habib about what inspires him, one tipping point in his career, and the must known hair care tips…

I Am A People’s Person: Blossom Kochhar Shares Her Career & More!

The Chairperson Of Blossom Kochhar Group Of Companies, Dr. Blossom Kochhar, is a beauty industry veteran with an experience of over 35 years. Dr. Blossom Kochhar cannot be ignored whenever you think…

The Beauty Entrepreneur Aashmeen Munjaal's Journey In The Beauty Industry

Beauty has recently grown into an industry in India. The beauty industry in India owes its growth to many beauty entrepreneurs and professionals, Aashmeen Munjaal being one of them.

Ellora Creations PVT LTD- Pioneering Export House For High-End Fashion Brands

Ellora Creations PVT LTD is a pioneering high-end fashion manufacturing unit and export house, with decades of experience and generations taking over, it has evolved and developed with time with consistency and persistence.

Pawan Sachdeva: From Being A Sportsman To A Fashion Designer

Delhi based fashion designer, Pawan Sachdeva is well celebrated across the fashion industry for his classy cuts and unique silhouettes. The fashion designer’s forte is giving a contemporary touch to the garments.

How COVID 19 Is Affecting The Fashion Hub- Shahpurjat

"We cannot shut down completely and tell the workers to leave and not come from tomorrow forever, so we need to keep generating orders to give out salaries, we run families here. Hence, we have asked our staff to work from home and built a separate team to coordinate with them keeping in mind their safety and health first."

Tribute To The Visionary Fashion Designer Wendell Rodricks

Wendell Rodricks was a renowned figure of the Indian fashion Industry. He was not only an extravagant fashion designer, but he was also a remarkable author, a teacher, and a strong activist who fought for all social causes in his country.

Exclusive Interview With Designer Duo Saaksha And Kinni

Saaksha and Kinni, the designer duo, are a PERFECT blend of the eastern and western fusion wear. Having designed embroidery swatches for brands such as Balmain, Ellie Saab, and Armani, the duo stepped into their own domain in the year 2016 introducing their label- Saakshi and Kinni.