Sunday 25, Oct 2020, Delhi (India)


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In Sunday blog we uncover all the stories which has generated some sort of controversies like plagiarism, racial bias, controversial personalities, animal cruelty in Fashion.

Caste System and Its Effect On Marriages In India

The advent of social media, urbanization, and the concept of nuclear families is changing the outlook of the Indian society of marrying within the same caste. However, an absolute mind change is a distant dream. Many social evils exist in Indian society due to caste and marriages taking place outside of the same. From killings to outcasting or boycotting, the Indian inter-caste marriages involve a series of stressful events.

I’m A Girl Not A Burden: A Voice Against The Dowry System

Are the lives of women equal to the dowry their parents can afford to give to the groom’s family? Imagine keeping your life on a scale with the other holding filled with jewelry, money, car, clothes, and valuables.

Do Dark Skinned Lives Really Matter In India?

Ever thought had the Britishers or whites not ruled on us, but, we had ruled on them, would white/ fair skin still be considered superior and beautiful in colonized nations like India? …

Will The #PayUp Movement Change Fashion Industry For The Better?

"What exactly is the true cost of fast fashion brands and keeping up with the quickly revising fashion cycle?” The favorite mom jeans you adorn and get most compliments about; have you…

Is Nepotism Stifling The Indian Fashion Industry?

Suhana Khan’s Vogue shoot, Ibrahim Ali Khan’s magazine shoot, Alaya Furniturewala’s ramp walk at Lakmé Fashion Week 2020, what do all these have in common? If nepotism was your answer you may…

FDCI'S Chairman Sunil Sethi Leads Against COVID-19 In Fashion

An Exclusive Interview Of I Knock Fashion With Hon'ble Chairman, Mr. Sunil Sethi, FDCI ...

The Controversial Platform of Diet Sabya and Diet Prada

Before the middle of the 19th century, clothes were a visual accessory, made and designed on preference, by hand either at home or by tailors, for each individual.

Fashion Legend Jean Paul Gaultier Bids Adieu To The Fashion Culture

Paris Fashion Week 2020 has given the year a new level of excitement and an all-in-one experience along with the biggest news of fashion culture.

The Case Of Cultural Misappropriation

They say art imitates life. But in the fashion industry and the latest fashion trends, this often takes a literal meaning and leads to cases of plagiarism and cultural appropriation.

What Holds For The Handloom Industry Of Kashmir?

Kashmir popularly known as paradise on earth has been very famous in the handicrafts sector for ages. Central Kashmir (Heart of Kashmir) including Srinagar, Gandebal, and Budgam is the hub for this sector.