Thursday 22, Oct 2020, Delhi (India)


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In Sunday blog we uncover all the stories which has generated some sort of controversies like plagiarism, racial bias, controversial personalities, animal cruelty in Fashion.

Met Gala: The Creative Controversy

The Met Ball or Met Gala is the fashion world equivalent of the Oscars. It’s an evening where designers, models, and Hollywood stars appear in the year’s most OTT (over-the-top) looks. It’s the event that inspired the movie Oceans 8! Here is everything you need to know about the gala event:

Vero Moda Accused Of Plagiarism By Indian Designer, Rahul Mishra

If you’re a fashion enthusiast updated with the hot new trends and commercial controversies in the fashion world, plagiarism wouldn’t come as a surprise to you. In the age of fast-fashion, designers feel the need to be innovative and creative every season.

Gucci’s ‘Blackface’ Controversy: Representing A Voice For Inclusivity

February is denoted as the month of celebrating black people and their achievements. Although in the very duration, another blackface controversy arose in the world of fashion. The offender wearing a sweater made by the world’s current favorite Italian luxury brand: Gucci.

The Controversies That Encircled The Legacy Of Karl Lagerfeld

For over three decades, Karl Lagerfeld was the face of one of the world’s most powerful fashion houses, CHANEL. The silver hair pulled back into a sleek ponytail, a black-tie around the collar of his turtleneck.