Monday 27, Sep 2021, Delhi (India)


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In Thursday Blogs we talk about all the latest in technology, AI, innovations in the world of fashion and beauty. It’s important to change with time and in technology. Innovations have made today’s era much better equipped against issues related to global warming and climate change.

Style With The Fashion Trends of 2021

The whole fashion industry revolves around surprises. Designers to retailers, models to actors; all are bound in the world of fashion. Designers, retailers and brands pulled out awesome collections digitally all over the world through fashion weeks,

Style With The Winter Fashion Trend Of Sweaters

The winter fashion and style gets active with the onset of the winter season. It is the time to revisit your closets and ensure it with the latest winter fashion trends of 2021.

Hotspots For Complete Wedding Shopping In Delhi!

If you've stopped on this post while scrolling through your feed, you are sure to be one of those people who fall under the category of to-be-wed. Today we are here to help you with the latest Indian fashion trends you can stumble upon for your wedding looks and where exactly to find them in the national capital- Delhi.

What Is Print Psychology In Fashion?

All the fashion fanatics would agree on this, that fashion trends come and go, but some stay evergreen, acing the trend forecasters list, year after year.

What Is Color Psychology In Fashion?

“You Are What You Adorn!” All of us are introduced to the concept of color psychology as soon as we step into the world. For instance, you must have noticed how little…

Will Designer Masks Be The New Essential In Indian Weddings?

As the COVID-19 pandemic becomes a part of our everyday life, a face mask is topping the list of trends in Indian fashion. It’s no more just a mask, but a must-have…

Unisex Fashion Is On The Rise, Will Indian Fashion Industry Embrace It Too?

In the 21st century allocating genders to objects, colors and concepts are beginning to be viewed as sexist and discriminatory. The idea of differentiating what a person should be adorning based on…

Check Out These Top 10 Online Fashion Applications!

In the past few years, due to digitalization, the fashion culture has come closer. There would not be any denial in admitting that today you can easily access the entire fashion industry…

The Top Fashion Destinations Of The World

In the past few years, careers in the fashion world have been booming, but if you’re still not able to find an apt fashion-oriented job, maybe your location can be blamed for it.

Is Tik- Tok A Laudable Branding Tool For The Fashion Industry?

Today social distancing has highlighted the presence of digital channels more than ever, lockdowns have elevated digital media as the call of the hour across the entire business chain, including the beauty…