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In Thursday Blogs we talk about all the latest in technology, AI, innovations in the world of fashion and beauty. Its important to change with time and in technology. Innovations has made today’s era much better equipped against issues related to global warming and climate change.

Are Virtual Shows The Future Of Fashion In India?

If we look closely at the online Indian fashion industry, about 75% of the total fashion sales are of apparels and footwear yet this holds only 8% to 10% of luxury fashion…

Is One Mile Wear The Next Sustainable Fashion Trend?

The one mile wear is much talked about in the fashion industry. Comfort is the best outfit, and one-mile wear aptly sets the latest fashion trends along with comfort. ”Dress like you’re…

Curious Case Of Hauz Khas Village Amidst COVID-19

At I Knock Fashion, we were doing a story on COVID 19 and its effect on the fashion hub Hauz Khas Village, but talking and gathering information revealed much more, the question remains, a site which was once a lively market for designers, quality shopping,

Khadi: The Fabric Originating From The Roots Of India

'Khadi' the word reminds us of the freedom struggle, it brings the image of Charkha and Mahatma Gandhi to our minds. 'Khadi' is not just some random fabric, it played a major role in India's independence,

Is The World Moving From Chemical To Natural Perfumes?

From the Egyptians to now the world, perfume has its significance in the fashion world, they take us back to a particular memory, and lets us relive it. Perfumes hold the strength to evoke feelings and bring back memories that we forgot we had.

Will Online Retail Benefit Due To Coronavirus?

The coronavirus outbreak has turned out to be a nightmare for all the countries and their economy. The worldwide spread of the virus is dangerously impacting the fashion industry. Keep reading this blog for detailed updates on how the fashion industry is responding to the outspread of the virus.

What Should I Gift Her This Valentine's Day?

The commencement of February builds excitement within the millennial as they get all set to celebrate the season of love. The weeklong celebration holds in itself different expressions of love and care that are exhibited towards friends, lovers, and family through gifts or greetings.

Nature's Bounty Packed And Delivered By Earth Essence

Am I using the right cream for my skin type? Should I use organic or chemical-based beauty products? Is natural and organic beauty the same?The Indian market is flooded with various skincare and hair care products that leave the consumer contemplating on what to buy and how to apply.

Impact Of Economic Slowdown On The Indian Fashion Industry

India’s apparel exports are estimated to have declined by 17 per cent in the first quarter of FY19. It is due to a slowdown in demand from developed countries following weak economic activity there Indian Fashion Industry.

How Does Technology Play A Part In Fashion Forecasting?

Fashion is mainly the most popular mode of artistic expression: It essentially describes the ever-changing style of clothes worn by those with cultural status and history.