Wednesday 28, Oct 2020, Delhi (India)


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In Thursday Blogs we talk about all the latest in technology, AI, innovations in the world of fashion and beauty. Its important to change with time and in technology. Innovations has made today’s era much better equipped against issues related to global warming and climate change.

Have Power Looms Already Reached Kashmir?

The Handloom Textiles constitutes timeless facets of the rich cultural Heritage of India. As an economic activity, the handloom sector occupies a place second only to agriculture in providing livelihood to the people.

What Is Next In The Digital E-Commerce Industry?

The emergence of the digital age has certainly impacted almost every individual in some way or the other. Now, people have access to any type of information in the world at the palm of their hand.

Are Digital Influencers Here To Stay?

With the recent development in technology, social media is on charts with fashion and lifestyle influencers making a decent living through their extraordinary lives. Instagram is the major platform for budding and established influencers,

The Advent Of Power Looms During Industrialization In India

Indian Textile industry has been one of the most affluent industries and contributes majorly after the Agriculture industry. It is one of the ancient sectors which has grown larger and redefined itself.

Cotton Under The Microscope

Like all other major crops, cotton plants that are cultivated on farms in the contemporary landscape, descend from species that grew in the wild.

Cotton – From Cultivation To Garments

About 8000 years have passed since cotton was first cultivated and discovered in the ancient city of Mesopotamia as well as Mexico – and it still is one of the most distinct fibres in the world.

Tech Innovations In Sustainable Fashion

Sustainability is not an entirely new approach in different sectors and industries around the world.  A few countries have already championed it’s approach.

How Faux Fur Is Replacing Natural Fur?

The 1929 issue of Vogue magazine featured an article called “Fur Story of 1929”, shedding light on the ‘importance of fur’. Initially introduced as early as in the year 1929, fake fur, better known as faux fur, is created out of pile fabric and is designed in such a way that it appears to be the same as real animal fur.

The Outlook Of Fashion In India

The Outlook Of Fashion In India: The Indian fashion industry has great potential to make the mark on the world stage. Fashion traditions in India can be traced for decades. 

Corporate Careers In Fashion

Fashion isn’t just restricted to glamour and clothes. There’s a whole lot that happens behind the scenes which we don’t know about. Of course, people working closely in fashion get to do the major work, in terms of analyzing trends, picking themes and design concepts, silhouette selection and much more.