Monday 27, Sep 2021, Delhi (India)


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The Tuesday Blog section encompasses topics related to or curated regarding a career in fashion and new avenues that have come up in the same.

Latest Fashion Trends Of 2021

2021 brings a new world of trends in fashion for the globe. It amalgamates hope and normalcy in the new way of living. The fashion trends of 2021 indicate illuminating colors, nature-driven patterns, and casual silhouettes.

Careers In Fashion That Will Trend During Festivities In COVID-19!

There are no second thoughts while stating that fashion and art do help people to cope in dark times, but in this pandemic, there are numerous fashion fraternity members who have lost their jobs.

Are Designer Collaborations The New Norm?

In the past few years, trends in Indian fashion have transformed buy one get one is no more what people look up to, the famous fashion designer collaborations have become the eye…

Can Sustainability And Profitability Go Hand In Hand?

No matter how many people around the world are concerned about pollution and wastage, their support for promoting and adopting sustainable fashion still tends to vary. But from the past few years,

Why Choose A Career In Fashion Styling?

Back in 90’s most people didn’t even seem to know that styling was a career option. Today this has taken a 360′ degree turn, every fashion enthusiast seems to want to be…

How Will Indian Fashion & Lifestyle Retail Emerge Post COVID 19?

India has immense scope for expansion in the retail sector. With an increasing income bracket, infrastructural development, and movements such as digital India, the country was climbing the ladder up in retail attracting many foreign direct investments.

COVID-19: Will Fast Fashion Survive?

The needs, desires, and intentions of consumers have led to the birth of ‘inexpensive & chic’ fast fashion, as lockdown remains for much of the nation, the isolation is severely affecting the…

How COVID-19 Depolarized The Global Fashion Events of 2020?

Since February 2020, much of the world has been under some form of quarantine measures, if you're working in the fashion industry or entertainment sector, expect to be hit even harder than the broader world market.

The Fashion Cycle: Fashion Repeats Itself

Just like human civilization, fashion has its roots set in ancient history, that too with a mix of regional, cultural, and historical influences from across the globe.

Expo International: Connecting Buyers And Sellers For Over A Decade

The fashion capital of India has always been looked upon for the latest fashion trends. From street shopping to luxury buying and selling, Mumbai has forever been in the top list for both shoppers and buyers.