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On Tuesday Blog I Knock fashion curates all the topics related to careers in Fashion. What is to be done to excel in the field of fashion to attain job and internship.

Is The Future Of The Kashmiri Craft And Weavers Uncertain?

White mountains and sun rising in between, along with river coming down, a bamboo hut resides the sea shore having the advantages of Kashmiri apple orchids emulating the beauty of Kashmir on the canvas.

E-Commerce- A New Road For Growth

Globalization and digital innovation have hurtled the fashion industry in every aspect. New developments have been staying constant on the same roads due to the advent of technology.

Do Fashion Influencers Really Need Another Business?

Trawling the Instagram accounts of fashion influencers has brought the graphs down of an exclusive club of print media and top editors. The revolution in social and digital media has come up with the rise of bloggers,

Indian Weavers Set For Revival

Indian weavers Industry has been the most long-established sector, which is responsible for mass employment before independence and after independence.

Sustainable Fashion And Employment In India

Sustainable Fashion And Employment In India: As much as sustainability in fabrics, its usage and disposal is gaining momentum, another sector that is being revived under the sustainable banner is the ancient art of skilled weavers and artisans.

Natural Fur Industry: The Value, Employment and Payouts

The fur industry has been through a rocky graph in terms of profits and sales since it started. It has proven to be arguably one of the most resilient industries, speaking in terms of an economic perspective.

Is A Transition To Different Job Profiles Within The Fashion Industry Easy?

Truthfully, it isn’t that easy transitioning from one job position to the next within the fashion industry. Indeed, it involves smart work more than hard work, and a little bit of luck for things to go right. Having years of experience in a particular field in fashion makes you a specialized professional.

Getting Started In The Fashion Industry: What’s Right For You

If you’re one of those who want to work in the fashion industry, you’ll know it beforehand. You’ll do everything possible to get an insight into this world, like reading magazines and following blogs,  definite love for fashion and style.

Brainstorming Your Very First Collection

So many of us have wished to start a fashion label/brand, simply out of pure passion. What is the very first way to go about designing a collection? Where should I grasp my inspiration from? How much is enough research, and more?

Up Your Sales Game: What You Should Do As An Emerging Fashion Designer

There are a lot of extremely talented new designers in the industry. They are unaware of how to break into the fashion market. Most of them have done their research and reviewed all the materials available to them.