Friday 23, Oct 2020, Delhi (India)


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On Tuesday Blog I Knock fashion curates all the topics related to careers in Fashion. What is to be done to excel in the field of fashion to attain job and internship.

5 Essential Skills To Master For Your First Job

If you’re a fashion enthusiast and a career in fashion is your ultimate dream. Landing your very first job can be a nerve-wracking experience. Whether you have the keen eye of a fashion designer or the experimental style of a trend forecaster.

Important Rules In Drafting An Impressive Design Resume

While Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts are convenient ways to craft a personal brand and identity, nothing is as paramount as your resume. It’s highly important you become the ‘odd one out’ in a stack of resumes.

Finding Your Career In Fashion

Fashion is a wide array of multiple career choices. There is a lot on the platter, so choosing a career in fashion can be puzzling to some. To make your choices simpler, let’s break it down into three main categories Fashion designer career.