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Trend Forecasting And Its Importance In The Fashion Biz

Trend Forecasting is a prediction of mood, behavior and buying habits of consumers. It helps in predicting the future direction of something which would affect the businesses' decisions and buying and sales of an individual.

What Do You Know About The Trade And Business Of Kashmir?

The tropical range of the Himalayan mountains where tranquility and placidity in the form of trees and mountains resides and is covered under the newly formed Union Territories of Jammu and Kashmir on one side,

E-Commerce – Pushing The Boundaries Of Business

Ever thought that E-Commerce could be an emerging platform for generating a humungous amount of revenue and sales and also contribute largely to economic growth.

What Goes In To The Making Of A Fashion Influencer

Fashion Industry has restyled itself with the advent of social media and digitalization. Influencers have been successful in showing the glitz and glam of fashion through their everyday activities and choices via social media influencer marketing.

Untold Stories About The Weavers Of India

Lines by Sarojini Naidu, about the weavers of India exceptionally portrays the three stages of life and connects them with the weavers, as our weavers have been weaving the thread of magic for generations past and to come happily.

Are We Wearing Pure And Best Cotton?

Are We Wearing Pure And Best Cotton? Global value of cotton: Cotton production is an important activity in many cotton growing nations which also includes developing countries.

The Global Urge To Go Green In Fashion

The need to be sustainable: A variety of reasons are behind the global urge to go green in fashion. Conservation of nature is the main reason; while ensuring social as well as economic well being and a sustainable future for humanity are the other meaningful incentives. 

The Fur Debate

Even though it is one of the oldest forms of clothing to ever exist, it has long been a complex and emotional issue – The fur debates- on one side stir the emotional animal value and on the other puts forth the stand of its cultural and traditional history. 

The Rise and Fall of GAP

When Donald Fisher and Doris F. Fisher opened the very first store of their new clothing brand GAP, called ‘The Gap’ in 1969 San Francisco, they would not have anticipated the rise and fall of one of the most iconic American clothing brands in the world.

How Sustainability Is Changing The Face Of Fashion

How Sustainability Is Changing The Face Of Fashion: When fast-food multinational, McDonald’s opened a restaurant near the historic Piazza de Spagna in Rome in 1986, culinary professional Carlo Petrini started a movement to protest the globalization of fast food.