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Coats: ‌Trendsetters‌ ‌In‌ ‌Winters‌

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Coats: ‌Trendsetters‌ ‌In‌ ‌Winters‌

From medieval to modern, coats are the constant trendsetters in winters with divergent styles and colors.

Winters are around the corner, and we all are excited to fill our wardrobes with classy winter wear. Among the diverse options to play within winter styling, coats are one of the versatile choices to believe and invest in.

The classic styles or traditional approach of styling with coats have become the latest fashion. They have become an essential part of clothing when inside or outside the house. 

Coats are not the newly launched style of clothes, as the history of the coat is from military and naval backgrounds. It was initially originated from men's wear. Around the 1800s, it was the first time when it was first worn by a Dutch at sea, made with coarse wool fabric. Also, it was majorly a part of the military clothing and helped them in climbing, trekking, and sailing. The silhouette of the coat was designed in such a way that it prevented harsh winds, and a flare at the back was used in climbing, and pockets added to the coats provide them for easy access to personal items. 

The coats were generally double-breasted and made from a wool-acrylic blend that was tightly woven and underwent heat treatment. The following treatment made it water and wind resistant making it more vulnerable to the cold and snowy places, fit for military and navy people. 

latest indian fashion
World War I trench

The other so-famous variant of the coat, that is, the Trench coat was first worn and patented by Thomas Burberry. Also, it played a vital role in World War I, as it was considered a sport coat that helped them to battle against the unfavorable environment. Years ago, it was mostly adorned by the upper stratum of British society. Another company, Aquascutum company first invented a water-repellent coat in the 1850s. 

The coat was a newly launched style in women’s wear as earlier it was only the part of men's wear. Until the 19th-century, capes were the major part of women's clothing as it was more cost-effective. With little modernization, sports becoming more popular among women, and day dressing became more comfortable and light, coats became popular and their demands rose rapidly. It became the latest fashion for women in those times. Slowly, new styles and a wide range of coats were designed that were suited to different activities like cycling, riding, ocean liners, and railroads. They got more advertised and publicized in the early 20th century. Also, the rapid demand brought rapid growth among the suppliers. Coats were made with different fabrics like leather, fur, and suedes that also made the textile industry grow higher.

Being a classic part of men’s fashion, slowly it became a part of women’s fashion, and around World War II, it became more famous in Haute Couture by embracing the new designs. 

There exist numerous coat styles that were adorned by men and women. From Chesterfield coat to sporty polo coats, from Puffer coats to long coats, double-breast or single-breasted coat, they were prioritized as a new fashion trend rather than being only functional. 

With moving times and innovation, coats were also available in a divergent range of styles and colors for both men and women. It was more of a fashion statement to adhere to different styling with coats. Here are some of the types of coats that are worn by both men and women.

Types of Coats for Men

Trench for mens
Trench Coats

1) Single- Breasted Over Coat- One of the simple coat styles, suited to all body types. A classic overcoat length goes below the knees with a vent at the back. From the front, it flares more than half of the body. 

2) Double-breasted Over Coat- More formal wear, suitable for taller men. The appearance of this coat is more on the exaggerated style with two lines of buttons overlapping half of the chest. They are shorter in length and lies till the middle. 

3) Trench Coats- The world-famous trench coats are very light in weight and preferred in autumn weather. Traditionally, it was launched in Beige color that features a belt, shoulder straps, chin straps, triangular edge, double-breasted claps, and the overlapping feature. 

4) Puffer Coats- Best suited in cold temperatures, it is designed with insulated material to prevent winds and provides warmth from inside. 

5) Parka Coats- The hooded coat with faux fur is best suited in freezing temperatures. Originally made from Caribou leather or print, is made with synthetic materials in today's time. The fish oil is used for coating the outer structure that maintains the whole look of it. 

Types of Coats for Women

Cocoon Coat
Cocoon Coat

1) Puffer Coats- All designed with some sections that are puffier in between stitching and is filled with down insulation to keep you warm from inside. They are light weighted and don’t let the puffiness made you appear larger. 

2) Pea coat- A short and double-breasted coat made with woolen fabric to ensure warmth. These are heavier in weight and more of luxury wear. 

3) Trench Coat- Essential coat style to both men's and women’s wear, it is characterized by a waist belt, shoulder straps, double-breasted, and beige color. 

4) Cocoon Coat- One of the stylish coats, is made up of 55% polyester, 41% wool, and 4% other fabric. It has a full zip with flap over pockets. It also features faux flaps and a funnel-like collar. 

5) Wrap Coats- Very stylish, wrap coat is made with 57% polyester, 41% wool, and 2% nylon. It is more like an oversized shawl around the body with flap collars and a waist belt that adds shape to the body.


fashion trends

Talking about contemporary times, we agree to the fact that 2020 was not the same that we wanted or other years, happy and joyful, but fashion trends will trend for sure. Fashion trends like styling with coats would remain classic and famous this fall. Style with the latest fashion trends of coats that would be hot this winter. 

1) Faux Leather Trench Coats 

2) Oversized Double Breasted Leather Overcoats

3) Trench Coats

4) Wrap Coats

5) Puffer Coats 

6) Parka Coats  

The hot fashion trends of 2020 of the coat come with a lot of different styling ideas for both men and women. For women, 

fashion trends 2020
Beige Trench Coat
  • The maroon faux leather trench coat can be styled with high waist black flared pants and a white tuck- in sweater. It can be paired with black sneakers.
  • Black oversized double-breasted leather overcoat can be styled with black flared denim jeans with a pair of ankle boots.
  • A beige trench coat can be styled with black and white check pants and accessorized with dark brown heels.
  • A short Grey wrap coat around can be styled with denim slim fit jeans along with grey heels.
  • An ice blue long puffer coat can be styled with dark blue and black polka long dress. Also, black heels.

For men, 

latest fashion for women
Black Puffer Coat
  • A beige trench coat can be adorned with black denim. It can team up with black ankle boots.
  • A black double-breasted overcoat can be matched with a light pink shirt and dark pink tie. A grey pair of pants along with black formal shoes can be styled with a black double-breasted overcoat.
  • A classic black colored short puffer coat can be styled with a white T-shirt and blue denim.
  • An olive green parka coat can be paired with classic blue denim jeans.  

The latest fashion trend of 2020 of coats is available on both offline and online portals as all the Luxury brands or online shopping websites are filled with the latest fashion. One can find a variety of coats available offline and online, making it easy for everyone. The solely dedicated online spaces for buying different styles of coats are Myntra, Amazon, Tata Clique, Urbanic, and AJIO. 

For offline buying, one can go to shopping malls or stores. There are plenty of brands like Burberry, Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger, Ganni, H&M, French Connection, Sandy Liang, Vero Moda, Only, Zara, Kazo, and many more, which gives us access to shop via store experience and as well online experience. 

Girls and boys, style your winter wardrobe with the best of all coats. Make your coat collection worth it by adding different and latest styles. This winter, make sure to head with the best and make your evenings filled with Insta worthy outfits. 

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