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Colorbar Launches New Swiss-Made Addition To Its Clean Skincare Range

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Colorbar Launches New Swiss-Made Addition To Its Clean Skincare Range

Colorbar is one of the most celebrated names of the beauty industry for beauty skin cosmetics, and the brand here welcomes to “My Go-To Partner”, Colorbar’s breakthrough 3-in-1 everyday cleanser, evening makeup remover, and skin softener.  

The Swiss-Made Addition! 

All the makeup lovers will agree to the point that life would have been much easier if evening makeup removal was artful and not stressful. “Colorbar” the most celebrated name of the beauty industry has made evening makeup removal and skin nourishment much easier and possible with the launch of its a one-of-a-kind innovation for dewy, luminous skin. 

The Swiss-made “Magic 6” formula in My Go-To-Partner’s “balm-oil-milk” is packed with skin glowing ingredients in beauty skin cosmetics for a soft, supple complexion along with youthful appearance. The Vitis Vita which is a luxuriant Italian wine ingredient, harvested organically from Aglianico Grape Marc extract, provides *3 anti-aging benefits and is luxurious skin-food. The sucrose and sucrose stearate esters along with citric acid help cleanse and exfoliate the skin gently to remove dirt and dead skin cells, leaving the skin softer, smoother, and spectacular. The light reflecting agents leaves a pleasant surprise each morning as they infuse gradual radiance and luminosity.  

Specifications of “Magic 6” formula

The “Magic 6” formula provides replenishment and rejuvenation together which further leads to transformation. This product is a thoughtful innovation of the beauty industry created for the most subtle functions. The formula helps the skin survive all the busy and stressful days. It gets to best work when your skin's at rest, it energizes and uplifts the complexion by helping with healing along with nourishment at the cellular level.  

This is a super-quick beauty skin cosmetic, bedtime beauty, or after evening makeup therapy. Colorbar understands the fact that after a heavy evening makeup looks, removing evening makeup before bed can be extremely stressful, and this is where “My Go-To Partner” comes in. The product describes how with a swift massage, you’ll be cleansing your skin, removing your evening makeup and moisturizing, all in one swipe.  

Colorbar Launches

The brand explained how with a small amount of the balm, the natural warmth of your fingertips will turn it into a gentle, nourishing oil. The product can also be used multiple times in the day, and it's completely trustworthy- 100% cruelty-free, 100% vegan, 100% Paraben Free, and dermatologically tested. The product is not restricted to any particular skin type and is suitable for all. You can also shop for this amazing beauty skin cosmetic online too.

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